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Astrological Remedies For Early Marriage

Astrological Remedies For Early Marriage

Marriage rituals are considered very important in Hinduism. Marriage is considered a sacred bond between two souls. Just as there is time to do every work, in the same way, an age limit is considered best for marriage. This is the reason why age has been prescribed for marriage. At the same time, sometimes even after becoming eligible for marriage, there are obstacles to marriage again and again. In such a situation, it is natural for a person to be upset. Nowadays most people do not want to get married soon because of their work and career. At the same time, due to some planets, there are obstacles in marriage again and again. In such a situation, let us know because of which planet there is a delay in marriage, and the remedies for early marriage.


In astrology, Venus and Jupiter are considered to be related to love and marriage. Where in the Kundali of a man, Venus is considered to be the factor of wife and marital happiness, then in the horoscope of a girl, Jupiter is considered to be related to marriage. It is believed that at the place where these two planets are in the horoscope, the chances of a person's married life and marriage are formed in the same way. In such a situation, if someone's marriage is getting delayed, then they should do these measures mentioned in astrology.

Remedies for Early Marriage

  • For early marriage, donate 1200 grams of gram dal and 1.25 liters of raw milk on Monday. This experiment has to be continued till the marriage takes place.

  • When a girl goes to the marriage of a girl and if the bride is feeling mehndi there, then the unmarried girl should apply some mehndi on the hand of that bride, this paves the way for early marriage.

  • Make the guests who come home for marriage talks sit in such a way that their faces are inside the house, they cannot see the door.

  • Iron objects or junk items should never be kept under the bed on which marriageable boys and girls sleep.

  • If the boy and girl want to meet before marriage, they should sit in such a way that their face is not towards the south.

  • The girl should feed the white rabbit and give it something as food with her own hand.

  • Whenever the people of the girl's family go to someone's place to discuss the marriage of the girl, then the girl with open hair, wearing a red dress should send them off by feeding them some sweets while laughing. Marriage discussion will be successful.

  • If there is an obstacle in your marriage, then you must donate yellow things by fasting on Thursday.

Remedies to Get Married Soon

  • According to Marriage predictions, the girls whose marriage is getting delayed or the relationship breaks up, again and again, should worship Lord Jupiter. Lord Vishnu and Brihaspati Dev should be worshiped with yellow tilak, yellow flowers, and yellow sweets by keeping a fast on Thursday. Along with this, a lamp of pure ghee should be lit at the root of the banana tree and water should be given at the root of the banana, but bananas should not be eaten on this day. One should also wear yellow clothes on Thursday and eat yellow food without salt.

  • Girls whose marriage is delayed should take a bath every Thursday after adding a pinch of turmeric to the water and applying saffron or turmeric tilak. Along with this, every Thursday a pinch of turmeric mixed with flour should be fed to the cow. It is believed that it removes obstacles in a marriage. 



There are many such yogas in Kundali, due to which any man or woman can remain deprived of the happiness of marriage. Sometimes these obstacles also come due to external obstacles. Age keeps on increasing and even after a lot of effort, relationships are not able to be formed or desired relationships get destroyed, in such a situation, it is prudent to take measures for early marriage. By doing the remedy given here, the way for early marriage is made, and all the obstacles in the way of marriage are removed. If you want to know more about the way to get married soon then go for an astrology phone consultation.

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