Read The Diseases Caused By Jupiter In Astrology

Read The Diseases Caused By Jupiter In Astrology

In astrology, Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet. They usually rarely provide these inauspicious results. But when it gives inauspicious results, then the person has to face a lot of trouble. Guru is considered to be the causative planet of knowledge. Jupiter is also the teacher of gods, that is why he is also called Dev Guru. The position of Jupiter in the horoscope can be found. When disease symptoms start appearing, then it should be understood that Jupiter is angry.


Diseases Caused by Jupiter in the Kundali

Jupiter is the largest of the nine planets and if this planet is weak or in a bad position in the horoscope, then this person is prone to many serious diseases. Apart from serious diseases related to the stomach, diseases like hepatitis and cancer are also included in this. Due to the wrath of Jupiter in the Kundali, diseases like arthritis, pain in the waist and joints, swelling in the body, constipation, etc. start. Jupiter stores fat in the body. If there is an effect of Jupiter on the lord of the ascendant or ascendant, then obesity increases. If Jupiter is weak, then obesity increases due to wrong eating habits. If there is Jupiter around the Ascendant, then obesity increases due to genetic reasons. If Jupiter is under the influence of malefic planets, then obesity increases due to disease.

The process of digestion of food is related to Jupiter. If Jupiter is weak, then the digestive system of a person is weak. Digestion gets disturbed due to hasty food. If the routine is not regular, then there is a bad effect on the digestive system. Jupiter is the factor of hyperacidity and weak digestive power. Jupiter makes anything bigger and bigger. Often the house in which Jupiter resides in the horoscope spoils it. In the part of the body where Jupiter is there, there are long diseases. Jupiter also gives big and incurable diseases like cancer. Sometimes its solution becomes impossible.

It also keeps the person healthy. It also gives serious diseases. This is what gives cancer, hepatitis, and some serious diseases of the stomach. It usually does not give minor ailments. Dosha of Jupiter can cause serious diseases. In the bad Dasha of this planet, the person also has to face a lack of money. Being inauspicious, Jupiter gives stomach diseases to the person. When a person has any stomach-related problem, then it should be understood that Jupiter is not well. Therefore, the remedy of Jupiter should be taken immediately. If delayed, they can also give serious stomach diseases.


Remedies for Weak Jupiter in Kundali


  • According to health predictions, by applying saffron tilak on the navel, Jupiter is pleased and stops giving inauspicious results.

  • Donate yellow clothes to the needy.

  • To make Jupiter auspicious, one should worship Lord Brahma. This also removes the inauspiciousness of Jupiter.

  • Respect your Guru.

  • Make sure to apply turmeric tilak.

  • To remove the defects of Jupiter, you should offer water mixed with turmeric to the Sun in the morning.

  • As a remedy, you can wear a gold ring on the index finger.

  • Recite Vishnu Sahasranamam daily.

  • Keep fast on Ekadashi. Make sure to include lemon and curd in the food. Chant the mantra of Jupiter every morning and evening.


If you are troubled by a long-lasting disease, then after showing your Kundali with astrology, know whether Jupiter is weak or not in your Kundali. Talk to an astrologer to show your Kundali.



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