Daridra Yoga Formed In The Kundli And Its Remedies

Daridra Yoga Formed In The Kundli And Its Remedies

Daridra Yoga formed in the Kundli affects the financial condition of the person. Due to Daridra Yoga, one has to face a financial crisis in business. The people who come under the strong influence of Daridra Yoga earn money through immoral and illegal activities. Daridra Yoga shows the poverty of a person. This yoga can be worked out by the remedy of Daridra yoga. Which a person gets rid of after some time from the effect of Daridra yoga.

There are many such auspicious yogas in the Kundli of a person who brings immense success, wealth, and fame in life. While there are some yogas that cause human misery, failure, and weak luck. In astrology, it is called Daridra Yoga. If a person becomes poorer in yoga in his Kundli, then he has to face great difficulties throughout his life. The work made by such people gets spoiled. ha


How Is Daridra Yoga Formed?


If the lord planet of the 11th house is situated in the eighth or twelfth house of that person's Kundli, then Daridra Yoga is formed. It is not that a person becomes Daridra only by the formation of Daridra yoga, it also depends on the position of the planets and it can also be canceled. Daridra Yoga is formed when the planet Jupiter is situated in the 6th to the 12th house. When auspicious yoga is in the center and the malefic planet is sitting in the money house, people still suffer from Daridra yoga. Apart from this, due to the presence of a malefic planet in the fourth position from the Moon, Daridra yoga is also formed. One of the major reasons for its formation is that when the lord of wealth is situated and there is a conjunction of Saturn and Mars in the center, then it creates poverty in the Kundli of the person.


Remedies To Avoid Daridra Yoga


Astrology says that by taking some special measures, you can avoid the ill effects of Daridra yoga. For this, put a swastika on the main entrance of the house. Respect parents and spouse. Wear a three-metal ring on the middle finger or wear a three-metal ring on the hand. Recite Kanak Dhara Stotra when there is the poverty of money. Reading the eleventh chapter of the Gita is also considered best for the destruction of all kinds of Daridra yoga. If the reason for your trouble is Daridra yoga related to Shani, then fast every Saturday. Light a mustard oil lamp in front of the Peepal tree and circumambulate the tree. Chant the Mahamantra of Shani 108 times. Also, donate things to eat or use to any Daridra and needy.




Along with the birth of a person, the planets of his birth determine his economic status, wealth status, income, and means of income along with all the situations of a person's life. When the planets related to Daridra Yoga in the Kundli come in Antardasha, then even the rich become beggars. If you want to know more information about Daridra Yoga or ways to avoid it, then talk to astrologers.

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