Child Yoga In Virgo Ascendant: Know From Kundali About Child Yoga In Virgo

Child Yoga In Virgo Ascendant: Know From Kundali About Child Yoga In Virgo

Hearing the word mother is a different feeling for every woman, which cannot be described in words. Children are the happiness of life that everyone wants to have. Every person has a desire that the child's cries to echo in his house. But in the life of some couples, there is a lack of that chirping in their courtyard for which they want happiness. Astrologers believe that if a childless couple worships gods and goddesses according to their zodiac signs, then all their wishes will be fulfilled and their children will be happy. Today here we are talking about Virgo. According to Childbirth predictions, if your zodiac sign is Virgo and even after many years of marriage, you have not got the happiness of children, then you can get the happiness of children by doing the worship and remedies given here.

Astrological Reasons For Virgo People Not Having Children

  • If the Moon is in the ninth house in Virgo ascendant, then the person has only one son.

  • If the fifth lord Saturn is in the eighth house in Virgo ascendant, then the native may have few children.

  • If the fifth lord Saturn is set in the marriage of a girl child, or if it is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house after suffering from sin, then the native will not have a son.

  • If the lord of the fifth house, Shani, is in the Virgo sign and is conjunct or aspected by Jupiter, then the person gets the first son.

  • If the fifth lord Saturn is in the Virgo ascendant and the lord of the ascendant Mercury is sitting in the fifth house, then the native adopts the children of others.

  • If there is Saturn in the fifth house of Virgo ascendant, then the native can have seven daughters.

  • If there is a girl child, if Saturn is in the fifth house and is aspected by Moon, Venus, or Mercury, then the native will have more daughters. Along with this, if malefic planet aspects the fifth house, then by the grace of God a son is born.

  • If Rahu, Sun, and Mars are in the fifth house, then such a person gets a child through medical treatment.

  • If ascendant lord Mercury is in the second position in a Virgo ascendant and the fifth lord Saturn is malefic, then the person gets destroyed after the birth of a son.

  • If the fifth house lord Shani is in the twelfth house or aspected by auspicious planets in a Virgo ascendant, then the son dies prematurely in old age.

  • If the fifth lord Shani is conjunct with the seventh lord Guru in Virgo ascendant, then the native gets a girl child as the first child.

  • If there is a Virgo Ascendant, there is Mars in Pisces in the seventh and there is a conjunction of Mars and Saturn, then the person becomes childless.

Virgo People Should Do These Measures To Get Children

  • By fasting on Wednesday, along with happiness, peace, and prosperity, the happiness of children is also attained.

  • Wednesday is considered the day of Lord Ganesha. Doob or Durva must be offered to Ganesha on Wednesday. If you offer 21 Durva to Ganesh ji on every Wednesday, you will surely get the happiness of children and the blessings of Ganesh ji will always be on you.

  • Wednesday is very dear to Lord Ganesha. Ganesh's worship on Wednesday is fruitful soon. In the scriptures, Lord Ganesha has been described as Vighnaharta i.e. the remover of all kinds of troubles. That's why the people of the Virgo zodiac should worship Lord Ganesha properly on Wednesday to get the happiness of children.

  • Apart from the first worshipable Lord Ganesha, Wednesday is dedicated to the planet Mercury. In astrology, the lord of Virgo is Mercury and its element is Earth. It is said that if Mercury is strong in one's horoscope, everything goes well in life. But if this Mercury is weak or debilitated, then happiness turns away. One gets addicted to gambling and betting, the decision-making ability becomes weak, there is an obstacle to the happiness of the child, the child remains in trouble and in no time everything in the house starts getting ruined. That's why Mercury should be strong to get a child.

  • If a person of the Virgo zodiac is suffering from a Mercury defect, then he should worship Maa Durga. By chanting the mantra 'Om Ain Hreem Klein Chamundayai Viche' 5, 7, 11, 21, or 108 times daily, Mercury's defect ends.

  • Wearing an emerald on the smallest finger of the hand i.e. the little finger is also considered very beneficial for the people of the Virgo zodiac to remove the Mercury defect. But for this, it is very important to take the advice of a pundit or astrologer.

  • If there is an obstacle in the happiness of children due to the planets, then recite Harivansh Purana for the Sun. Shiva should be worshiped by keeping a fast on Monday for the Moon. Perform Yagya for Mars. Worship Mahavishnu for Mercury. Perform Shradh of ancestors for Guru. Cow rearing and serving him for Venus. Chant Mahamrityunjaya and perform Havan for Shani. Nagpash Yantra should be worshiped for Rahu and fasting should be observed on Wednesday. For such people, it is also considered best to do Kanyadan. Offer food to Brahmins for Ketu and offer them clothes.


Problems arise in not getting happiness and cooperation from children. Children's relations with parents and relatives are not good. For its remedy, light a lamp under the Peepal tree on Saturday and circumambulate it. If the people of the Virgo zodiac have any problem with child happiness, then talk to astrology.

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