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Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising

Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Rising, beneath a charming, often icy appearance, you hide a heart that can be ardent and passionate and has intense emotions. You are able to complete a considerable amount of work in volume, duration, and in the most challenging contexts. Your perseverance inspires admiration. You need partners with extraordinary intuition to discover hidden feelings or thoughts within yourself.

This combination of signs gives the person greater ambition. You want success not only for yourself, but also for the people you care about, and they can rest assured that you will help them on their path to success. But remember that other people's ideas of success may not match yours, but refuse attempts to push them where they don't want to go with you. Your mind is very active, you are in your element, communicating with people, be it long telephone conversations, letters, or direct communication. You will travel often to be able to communicate with people.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, endowed with a passionate personality, you never neglect your inner life and need to live a life full of meaning. Tests are opportunities for internal growth, allowing you to expand your understanding and engagement and make better predictions with proficiency. Capricorn Sun, Scorpio rising, an acute awareness of your sensitivity helps you hold the reins of your life firmly and encourages you to break free of outside influences to express your uniqueness. thorough, stubborn, determined, and charismatic, you have a rather short temper, but you are also secretive and reserved, which makes you very difficult to understand. You like to leave doubt, and ambiguity around you, willingly confusing the tracks. Beneath your coldness and sarcasm, you are extremely sensitive, but you internalize your emotions and want to maintain control in all situations.

You are an argumentative person and often get involved in fights that end unsuccessfully for you. They are completely dedicated to work and pleasure. You can be very strict, sarcastic, and harsh towards people you don't like. You have a rich imagination which makes you very resourceful. You are hot-tempered, but your anger does not last long, although your sympathies and dislikes are obvious. Father is yours, even if everything is not going well in his life. Perhaps you are the only child in the family, and parents give you enough attention that you need so much.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising Woman

No matter what happens in the beginning, the goal in the end is always great success or disaster. Capricorn rising in Scorpio women are capable of brutal self-criticism, capable of examining themselves rigorously, they do not fool themselves; This is partly their strength. Sometimes they hesitate, which makes them run even faster.

They know about the end, but the end must be a spectacular accident because it does not involve surrender. His life experiences become harder and more serious, and her nerves begin to feel like steel; It's no surprise that he doesn't have many friends. But they accept it as their destiny. They don't know how to compromise. They take a long time to cook and are never really finished.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising Man

The character of a man with Sun in Capricorn and rising in Scorpio reveals personal ambition unimaginable to those around them, these are the most self-confident beings who see only one meaning in life to be ahead all the time, here Even in the smallest of cases. They pursue their goals seriously and decisively, and this is so obvious that others succumb to them at the very beginning.

Their sense of duty is almost sacred, if only the level allows, otherwise they, being overthrown, begin to deny everything that has the slightest connection with duty and become decisive destroyers to the harshest end.

Capricorn Sun and Scorpio Rising Compatibility

A person with Capricorn Sun Scorpio rising is an extremely passionate lover and likes love and flirtation. They are naturally attracted to people who are very domestic and obsessed with money, material things, food, and caring for the earth, as Taurus rules their 7th house of love. They may also attract self-worth individuals who are sensual and shapely. Taurus people are the best partners, as well as Virgo and Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer people are also the best partners. There can be many debates with people of Aries zodiac sign and there can be friendship with people of Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Libra zodiac signs.

Your love life is complicated. You struggle to show your intense and possessive emotions. You are jealous and maintain power struggles with your colleagues. You like to possess others, and you have deep love. Similarly, if you feel you are losing control of your intimacy you may feel disappointed in your sexuality. Your power lies in this area, and although it is easy for you to conquer it, it is much more difficult to transform your victory into lasting happiness.


Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you can be very emotional, but when you are upset or you don't like something, you become cold and vindictive. You are impulsive and inclined to fall in love suddenly and quickly, but just as quickly and quickly abandon the object of your former affection. You cannot be indifferent to anyone and anything, whether you love or hate. You may marry more than once and possibly divorce your first spouse early. Marriage will bring you a lot of good fortune. You will have many children, perhaps even twins. Your children will get married soon and you will also have some secret sorrows with them. Your life is complicated by many love relationships.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising, your emotional journey is complex, to the point of being painful. You take everything to heart and live every love story intensely, thus, you tend to be an impossible or self-destructive lovers. When you're in a relationship, you let your guard down and show yourself to be gentle, calm, attentive, sensitive, romantic, and affectionate. You know how to listen to your partner and you understand them intuitively.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you are one of the types of people who take pride in your ability to work as much as you want without rest, and overall this is true. But when illness sweeps you off your feet, there is no patient more difficult for a doctor than one who trusts no one but himself. Your weaknesses are the gall bladder and reproductive organs. You are also vulnerable to illnesses that develop as a result of poisoning, fever, headaches, and injuries resulting from careless handling of sharp or hot objects. The right hand is especially weak in this respect. Often you are the cause of your illness because you indulge in all kinds of excesses.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you have a talent for selling and buying, and you work in the fields of entertainment, transportation, communications, and consumer goods. You have an insatiable thirst for uncovering secrets, so you may be interested in the occult sciences, chemistry, philosophy, or detective work. You are also attracted to leadership positions or service in government bodies. Your financial matters are somewhat unstable. There is an opportunity to gain prosperity through matters related to law or abroad as well as through married relatives. Possibly, you will have two fields of activity that are unrelated to each other and two sources of income. Although your life will be full of difficulties in your youth, all your efforts will ultimately be successful, and you will achieve a good life and become a respected person.


You seem passionate and sensual and usually attract people easily. But woe to the man who won't be able to meet the high demands you make for family life. When your expectations aren't justified, you go beyond all decency, giving vent to your disappointment. Are. In such a situation, it is very difficult for your relatives to understand or forgive your cruelty towards them. But if you do not learn to treat life philosophically, as a result, loved ones will leave you, and you will be left alone with your turbulent emotions, which will ultimately destroy you. If you want to know more about Capricorn Sun Scorpio rising then talk to astrology.

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