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Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising

Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising

This is an interesting combination because Capricorn and Cancer naturally oppose each other. Here, Saturn and Moon combine to create an interesting and serious person who is disciplined but has a lot of emotions.

Saturn is known as the god of time. Capricorn is a feminine, cardinal earth sign, while Cancer is a feminine, cardinal water sign. Both are good for each other - even if they oppose each other. Opposites in astrology mean that one sign wants the same skills as the opposing sign - and there is often a mutual attraction.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, A person born under this combination of signs likes to help and patronize other people. Their love is more maternal (paternal) than that of other zodiac signs. You know how to give and take and by working in pairs you can achieve great success. The past always stays with you and your interest gravitates towards tradition. You are firm and steadfast: God help him who tries to take away from you anything that is yours. You are practical and follow common sense in every task, which you have in abundance. But when your feelings awaken, it fades into the background. You are a complex person and not someone who gets upset when people are surprised by their words or actions.

You are gifted with a rich imagination that allows you to dive into unusual situations and adventures with pleasure. They are good at socializing with people. You can be courageous or cowardly depending on the circumstances: you are usually timid in the face of real danger, but brave in thoughts and ideas. Despite the fact that you are very attached to your brothers and sisters, you may be close to filial piety, because you cannot find peace of mind in yourself.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising Woman

This conflict manifests itself in relation to others. In order not to step out of their role, they make adjustments and work quietly, which is why they often get a reputation as intrigue. They are not like that, they just don't want to scare others, they want peace but want to study. They often systematically suppress their emotional reactions; when it comes to business. The neighbors do not recognize him and almost unknowingly he falls into the role of eccentric.

Women of Capricorn with Cancer rising to measure others by their own standards, which is not fair to others. However, it happens that they, without being recognized, blend into the crowd to hear the so-called true opinion. They develop slowly and gain respect slowly.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising Man

The character of Men with the Sun in Capricorn and Cancer Rising reveals gentleness and humility towards the people around him. People born under this zodiac sign do not even suspect how much energy they have. They are very ambitious, and although they behave prudently, they work and study when others are sleeping. There is always a kind of tension regarding the partner.

The partner is taken seriously, but kept in the shadows as far as possible; Because pearls can cause jealousy! On the contrary, in everyday life, they sometimes show themselves to be sensitive, mentally sensitive, and extremely serious. Tasks must be accomplished, trials must be endured, it requires the mind, requires its vital core and the subconscious mind demands comfort and pleasure.

Capricorn Sun and Cancer Rising Compatibility

When it comes to love, Water and Earth signs perform best here. Capricorns rule their 7th house of love, relationships, and marriage, so they are often attracted to people older or younger who have a lot of capital and power.

Along with Capricorn, people with Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo make a very good pair. There will be friendship with people of Sagittarius and Aquarius zodiac signs. There will be power games with Leo and Aries is not a good match for them at all because of their risk-taking and impulsive ways.


Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you are very sensitive and love home life more than anything else, but you are too demanding of your chosen one, and this hinders creating a family. Although every new relationship ends in disappointment, your need for friendship and affection keeps you constantly looking for new acquaintances. Marriage will give you a little happiness, so you should do it with utmost care. Children will bring problems, although the elder child will be successful in the field of medicine, chemistry, or art and will enjoy a good reputation in his field of work. But when you grow old, children will become your best support.

You are the only sign programmed to create a family from a very young age, thus, you look for fixed values, and you aspire to stability. The concept of family gives rhythm to your entire love life. You dream of true love, you are idealistic and selective in your search. When you're in a relationship, you are thoughtful, attentive, generous, warm, and gentle. If you sometimes have difficulty communicating or showing your emotions, you are no less sweet and lovable. They know how to reassure your partner, and they prove to be solid and available. The fear of being betrayed or abandoned makes you suspicious, possessive, and sometimes jealous.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, most of your illnesses are the result of your eccentricities, your love of sweets, and good wine. You should pay enough attention to your eating habits. Breast and stomach diseases are possible. With increasing age, you may suffer from arthritis and sciatica. A state of anxiety can cause digestive problems, which can result in blood pressure problems. The tendency to always expect the worst is not good for you.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you can be very successful working with a partner as well as an agent or manager. You are very good at compiling old material and presenting it in a new form. You strive for wealth and position in society, and success can expect you to work in public organizations as well as in areas where there is the ability to negotiate. There is a possibility that you may inherit money and property. Perhaps your life may not be particularly successful in your youth, but success will definitely come to you with time. Friends, especially women, support you, including financial assistance. Prepare yourself for the fact that a complete change in your life will come with many ups and downs.

Capricorn Sun is rising in Cancer, you are serious, organized, and balanced, you have a penchant for work, and you want to be efficient in your work. You are determined, willing, and resistant, and you are not afraid to take responsibility. You want your value recognized, and you need to be noticed by your superiors. Similarly, you are independent, you know how to work in a team.


You are an overly sensitive dreamer who lives in the past. You are looking at life from outside their desires rather than being guided by actual facts. You are a true collector, collecting everything regardless of the degree of suitability of things, even old train tickets that you will cherish forever. Sure, you have a reason for having them, but you can't remember what it is. Your family in the apartment has to make their way through piles of various stuff, and if there is a Virgo in a few houses, he has probably already gone through a nervous breakdown. You are also not able to give up your old ideas or adapt to changing life situations. You really care about your family, but this may result in your loved ones getting mad at you and disappearing from your life. But chances are you'll be so engrossed in looking at their photos in an old-school album that you won't even notice. If you want to know more about Capricorn Sun Cancer rising then talk to astrology.

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