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Cancer Sun Taurus Rising

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising

With the Cancer Sun rising in Taurus, you are simple, cordial, and very connected to your home, your origins, and your heritage. Your interests are healthy and you are very sensual, but you have some trouble adjusting to the turmoil you are not meant for. You like routine without surprises. However, you have the need and will to exchange ideas and even make a certain impact on those close to you.

You have a practical mind. You are not an idealist or a dreamer, you are cautious, creative, and stable. You never hope that you will be showered with gold, rather you hope that you will get the appropriate reward for your hard work. You are hard-working, patient, and practical. Likes to identify itself with everything traditional, proven, and perfect. Once you make a decision, you stubbornly follow the chosen path. You are not afraid of hard work, and obstacles only motivate you.

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, with the Cancer Sun rising in Taurus, you have a fertile personality that seeks balance and peace. You avoid power struggles, even though you sometimes give the impression of submission. Your gentle expression attracts people from every social and cultural background. Sometimes, you play a rewarding role in relation to your brothers and sisters, if you have any, or sometimes, they play a particularly important role in your destiny.

You are sensitive, fair-minded, dedicated to your family, and dedicated to making your legacy more beautiful. You are mesmerized by the beauty of natural, unadorned things. Likewise, you are accustomed to the routine that suits you, and surprises always make you a little uncomfortable. Furthermore, you love nature, simplicity, and healthy pleasures. Sensitive to beauty and sensuality, you are very sensual.

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising Woman

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising women are difficult to deal with because they do not tolerate criticism – their inner vulnerability is too great. This is an even bigger problem because people around are not aware of it – people joke, drink together, have fun, and maintain friendships among themselves; But if the sensitive core is affected then everything is forgotten. This makes it difficult to communicate with them, especially in adolescence as well as in old age.

Internal fear drives them to constantly seek external support and can awaken old bitter anger in them, making their innate charm seem like a sham. Then they are more willing to live in a kennel rather than on the same staircase with neighbors.

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising Man

The character of man with Sun in Cancer and Rising in Taurus deliberately develops sweetness in dealing with others, this is his protection. They act confident, solid, and trustworthy, so as not to show their weaknesses. Many of them break down; Their creative development is best when they feel safe. Their development takes time; If they have the time, a lot comes from a relaxed state. If he feels cheated or cheated, mistrust awakens in him, which becomes difficult to overcome. Cancerians with Taurus Rising are cautious, but if someone jokingly takes a small thing out of their pocket - he is a willing person for them. They may not say so, but at the decisive moment, they will show their negativity, at least everything is ruined.

You have huge energy reserves and infinite patience. You are a calm person, loving and homely. Your feelings may be strong, but it is difficult for you to express them. It is difficult for you to get angry, but if you succeed, you do not calm down soon and harbor bad feelings for a long time. You are very concerned about your property and are constantly trying to achieve something or the other. Taurus Rising gives good origin, especially from the father: he may occupy an influential position. In general, your life is peaceful and peaceful, although the strength with which you resist obstacles and stubbornness may create some problems.

Cancer Sun and Taurus Rising Compatibility

This person is primarily attracted to other Water and Earth signs. This is what they are most comfortable with. Scorpio rules their 7th house of love, relationships, and marriage, so they desire an intense physical connection with someone they find attractive and who brings intensity and a lot of passion to the relationship. They seek relationships that change them from the inside out. Like Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces also makes wonderful partners. Along with Taurus, Virgo also makes a good partner and there will be a lot of erotic tension with Capricorn.

Aries may be too impulsive for this combination but will prove to be a good friend. Gemini and Leo also become good friends. Sagittarius can be too adventurous and independent for this combination, as they always want to travel and leave their comfort zone. Aquarius may be too detached emotionally for this combination, while Libra may have a similar approach, although this combination may not have as big an emotional connection as one wants.

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you are calm and gentle, governed not by the mind but by the heart. Your love may be passionate in the beginning but then turn into a sweet and friendly relationship, which is ideal for marriage. Generally, you are satisfied with your family life. Firm and confident, having achieved what you want, you will not allow anyone to take away from you what you rightfully consider yours. You will face a lot of difficulties, and critics will try to interfere in your family life, but if you are lucky, your marriage will not break. Your first child, especially if it is a boy, needs special care as a baby. Still, your children will be a cause of satisfaction for you, they will be successful in the field of education and arts.

Your love life holds a special place in your life and you are very good at making people love you. Your gentleness is no illusion; You are full of tenderness and understanding. Soft-hearted by nature and passionate, emotional balance is essential to you, and you are always looking for a stable, lasting union. With the Cancer Sun rising in Taurus, physical attraction plays a huge role in the relationship. You need to feel that constant thrill of being loved. Similarly, you express yourself emotionally and may become jealous of the other person's love. You should be careful not to impose special behavior on your partner.

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you have a lot of physical stamina, but if you fall ill, you recover slowly. You may be at risk of injury and should monitor the condition of your throat, neck, shoulders, heart, and kidneys. You may also have diabetes. In general, you manage to maintain a good physical shape.

Cancer Sun Taurus Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are perfectly suited to work with finances, and you would make an excellent banker or trustee. You are also cautious about your money. They have an innate sense of beauty, but you prefer art objects that are not only beautiful but also valuable. Despite legal disputes and possible losses due to your love affairs after marriage, you will still be a rich person. You can also become rich by playing games on the exchange or through publishing. Luck will not often favor you in your youth, but later your situation will improve thanks to friends. You may get success in fields like science, art, literature, or education. Income may also bring your interest in science, gardening, or horticulture. You are patient and precise, pay great attention to little things, and love not only to work but also to have a good rest.


The Taurus Sun rising knows how to find the words to bring you back to family and work life when your emotions distract you. In particular, the union of the two zodiac signs will allow you to accumulate some good news in this area, despite some light-hearted debates. In fact, you have a remarkable talent for developing fruitful relationships because of your great sense of humor, which is thwarted by the natural empathy of the Taurus ascendant. If you want to know more about Cancer Sun Taurus rising then talk to astrology.

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