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Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising

Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising

Cancer Sun Scorpio rising has a rare attractive effect. It is possible that this is based on their openness to sexuality, which is an important part of their existence. Here they choose methods that surprise many respectable burghers. They know the danger of the self-abduction of animals, but this does not stop them, they do not miss the opportunity to exterminate everything that is possible. Thus they gain experiences that others do not, which, on the other hand, awakens their creative power. If their existence is threatened then the opinion of others becomes indifferent towards them. After the fight, licking the wounds, they explain in some detail what happened, and if they feel they have gone too far, which is rarely the case, they may extend a hand of reconciliation.

Your words and actions often lack clarity. You are deeply attached to your family, but don't flaunt it; You like to be discreet when it comes to intimacy. Mixing your emotional life with the outside world can create challenges in building a family life. You are also deeply attached to children and often feel comfortable communicating with them. You need to work in a friendly environment to make the best use of your talents and develop them. Competition excites you only in the short term. Your creative potential is rich if you allow it to emerge and be realized without being hindered by potential criticisms or excessive shyness. Routine without surprises can quickly frustrate you and lead to career ups and downs, including broken contracts as well as unexpected opportunities. Cancer Sun, Scorpio rising, you struggle with long-term projects, often not completing what you start. You are especially attracted to intense physical efforts and will be more satisfied in an active life that allows you to expend energy.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, with the Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising, you have a secretive and introverted nature, you internalize your emotions, and passions, and often isolate yourself in a constantly bubbling inner world, leaving you vulnerable to worries and sensitive to doubts. This attitude makes you mysterious and magnetic, but you need to feel confident enough to speak openly.

Sensitive and easily hurt, you hide behind a hard-to-pierce shell, yet you have plenty of character. Creative and humorous, you are very charming. Highly intuitive and receptive, you feel people deeply, understanding their intentions. You are very attached to your family and completely devoted, although you can be authoritative and not always easy to live with.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising Woman

A woman born under this zodiac combination loves entertainment and is emotional, artistic, and kind. Constant improvement in the level of education will bring you significant benefits, you can become an eternal student. Apart from this, you will stay abroad for a long time and may also marry a foreigner. You are a sociable creature, your life is full of love, and your imagination is rich.

You connect yourself with the children and they like your company. You are very influential and can intervene in fights and disputes, which are destructive for you. You are completely dedicated to work and pleasure. You have a strong will, but by character, you are indecisive and easily irritated, quick-tempered, but quick-tempered. Your likes and dislikes are strong and all-embracing.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising Man

A Man with Sun in Cancer and Rising in Scorpio can be very creatively talented. And they openly believe in the one whom they give birth to. They want to create a movement, and scare the crowds – and they have the power to do that. They have extraordinary imagination, which allows them to always come up with something new; His inner world seems inexhaustible. But everything they do is the rhythm of the tide; Then the tide turns into a turbulent flow, and then the ebb reaches such strength that you may think that nothing wakes you up anymore.

Men with Cancer Sun Rising in Scorpio come into conflict when it comes to self-affirmation. They protect their personalized dryness from any adjustment; however, they may use means that others might describe as overly emotional and even cruel.

Cancer Sun and Scorpio Rising Compatibility

Taurus rules the 7th house of relationships, marriage, and love, so this person is looking for someone stable they can trust who can be their rock. They also like someone who is attractive and good with money, who can add material goods to their world.

This works well for Pisces, especially if their Moon sign is in an Earth sign, as too much water can bring a lot of fiery emotions into the relationship. Like Taurus, Capricorn is also an excellent pair, they are opposite natal Sun and rising signs respectively, but create a lot of spark and sexual tension. Virgo is also a good pair.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you love very passionately, completely, and unconditionally. If someone does not respond to your love then you leave him. Even if he ever responds to your feelings, there is no peace and your life remains as turbulent as before. You expect your lover to betray you completely, soul and body. After the first attraction of love passes, only a few people are able to accept it. You are passionate and jealous, you have to fight against these qualities. Your jealousy is omnipresent, and the desire for revenge in case of betrayal is indomitable.

You will probably be married more than once and your emotional life will be complex. You can have many children, even twins. Your child will get married soon and you will have some hidden problems in this regard. Your love life is full of intrigue and will undoubtedly never be fresh.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you have a very strong constitution and invincible resistance. Areas of attention are the endocrine glands, excretory system, and reproductive organs, as well as the hip area. You may come into contact with poison. Be careful with hot or sharp objects, the right hand may get injured. Vision may weaken with age. It seems that you are the cause of your own illnesses, putting yourself under excessive stress.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are practical, energetic, diligent, and persistent. You are tireless when the goal you are pursuing is tangible. You defeat your opponents with intelligence and cunning, you are sensible, serious, and cold-natured. You can pursue a career in the field of crime investigation, science, medicine, maritime affairs, power structures, or leadership positions. Usually, under this combination of signs, researchers, chemists, and philosophers in the field of occult sciences are born, as it gives good analytical abilities. The income can help in getting work in the field of foreign affairs. Whatever career you choose, you will definitely achieve great success.

Your nature and intuition are your two main assets. Even if you sometimes lack organization and strategy, you are efficient and quick. You prefer to work in a quiet environment and you sometimes have difficulty integrating yourself into a team. Challenges and responsibilities do not scare you, in fact, you are ambitious, and you need to focus and perform well in your field. You prefer to act anonymously, and this often works well for you. You are very selective in your associations and are only committed to healthy and solid foundations. Similarly, you need responsible partners in your affairs. Not only that, but you can avoid challenges until they catch up to you, and then you put all your intelligence into solving your material problems.


You have a passion for romance and may go through many love stories before finding the love of your life. In love you don't make promises lightly; You are demanding in your search for the ideal partner. You need someone strong and reliable who can reassure, support, and calm your worries. You want passion, and fusion and tend to be possessive and jealous. Your affections are deep and steadfast. Your love life is often full of ups and downs as your idealistic nature often leads you into impossible or complicated relationships. Cancer Sun, Scorpio rising, your sensitivity often betrays you, and you sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between desires and intuition. In a relationship, you are sensitive, observant, demonstrative, original, creative, and entrepreneurial. Even though you need to give rhythm to your daily routine, you avoid boredom, and you double your ingenuity to avoid falling into monotony. If you want to know more about Cancer Sun Scorpio rising then talk to astrology.

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