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Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising

Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising

With the Cancer Sun rising in Capricorn, your motivations depend entirely on the people you are in contact with. Depending on the interlocutors, you may come off as warm as you are, but you are often misunderstood because your looks do not always match your deeper personality, which is very uncomfortable.

This is a wonderful combination of signs. You really care about other people and are always willing to help in any way you can. Partnerships, professional or personal, are your strength, and although you may try to use that power, in general, you need other people. With regard to money, you are a real magician, very resourceful when you need to earn a living on your daily bread or buy something cheap. The past is alive for you, and you're trying desperately to learn from its mistakes. You try to forgive offenses and are not prone to revenge, but rarely forget them.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, with the Cancer Sun rising in Capricorn, your personality appears wholesome, restrained, and very calm; You rarely succumb to anger because you constantly seek to control your emotions. You are not actually shy, but shy, introverted, and distrustful; You hide your sensitivity under a veil that can make you appear indifferent, distant, and authoritative. Similarly, you also find it difficult to express openly what you feel.

You are not very demonstrative, but very affectionate, and people can count on you in all circumstances. Often alone, you can spend a lot of time recharging without feeling the need for company. Dreaming is a natural, necessary thing for you, which you hide well in your social life. It is the essential engine of your operations. You don't necessarily like loneliness, but it can bring a lot to you, helping you formulate your ideas or projects.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising Woman

When the Sun is in Cancer Capricorn Rising, the woman works at night, while others rest; The night sky inspires, and they feel the impenetrable universe, their earthiness, and the yellowness of earthly life. Their partners face difficult times; They want and are able to understand the other, constantly experiencing his essence. Their eyes constantly look incredulous and sad, which scares many people.

They rarely allow themselves to indulge in trivial actions, and then repent and torment themselves for a long time. Their strong conservatism can lead to frequent fights. Emotional instability is inherent at their core; Alone behind double curtains, they sometimes allow themselves to cry, or have a sip more of the drink than people would.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising Man

The character of a man with Sun in Cancer and Rising in Capricorn rarely escapes their destiny, but if they do escape it is worth it. It is a constant emotional tension and a serious test of strength. These people are moving at the speed of a snail, but their steps in the sand and perhaps even in the stone are as deep as anyone else's.

If they are reliable and tested, they are strongly linked to the past. There was already progress in his liver, which many reformers could not better. Memories are very vivid, their entire foundation rests on the past. They care about history, love architectural monuments, they would love to live in half-timbered houses in the country, of course, if they are properly equipped.

Cancer Sun and Capricorn Rising Compatibility

This person is mainly attracted to other water and earth signs. Cancer rules their 7th house of love, relationships, and marriage, so they are really looking for a very nurturing and loving partner who needs them and who can also take care of them. They enjoy the company of Pisces and Scorpio and also pair well with fellow Cancers and Capricorns. There is a lot of mutual understanding between Virgo and Taurus, where a lot of love will be shared.

Fire and Air signs don't do as well with this combination. They may be irritated by Aries' immaturity, impulsiveness, and sometimes aggressive ways. However, Gemini and Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius also make good friends. They may find Libra attractive, but their Capricorn partner will be frustrated by Libra's inability to easily decide on matters, as Libra always considers the options and makes the final decision. This is incredibly difficult for them.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, interest in the opposite sex awakens in you late, but when you fall in love your feelings are strong and stable. Sex fades into the background when your attention is focused on other interests, so you can be sensual and rough, but also aloof and cold. You are jealous and angry. Due to the fact that you are afraid of being rejected, you are plagued with doubt and expect someone else to make the first move. But as soon as you feel that you really need it, and you will be convinced that the person will not betray you, you will gradually begin to relax and learn to love him. And then there is no one more loyal and trustworthy than you.

Some people born under this combination of signs are opposed to marriage, others will marry early and frequently. In any case, love relationships are subject to major changes, and the partner may become an obstacle to achieving the main life goal. Perhaps remarriage will bring financial benefits. Your ambitious aspirations and position in society are closely related to your partner. You have high expectations from your children, which can go to extremes. Probably, you may have enemies who will try to destroy your marriage, but you are a reliable support, and victory may be yours.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you have a body of iron, nerves of steel, and tremendous stamina, but you may suffer from colds, dental problems, and arthritis in old age. You are at risk for knee injuries and depression can lead you to alcoholism. You will live much longer.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you have obedient manners and can be a good leader. Your magnetism inspires people to follow you. You are distinguished by clarity and persistent efforts to achieve the chosen goal. You are able to successfully implement your plans. Innate ambition and courage allow you to achieve a lot in life. Your entrepreneurship helps you, and you are often successful working with a partner. You need someone who will inspire and support you creatively. They enjoy working in business, finance, and management, where you can excel. You are not afraid of hard work, as long as the rewards are commensurate. You are not interested in adventurous activities and this can save you from failures.

When you have an objective in mind you are very determined and provide yourself with all the means necessary to achieve your goals. Creative, organized, and thoughtful, you are efficient in the performance of your duties. You have a strong sense of duty, respecting hierarchy and order. Likewise, you are independent and distrustful, teamwork is not your strong suit and this often makes you uncomfortable. Thus, you need to complete your tasks alone.


Cancer Sun Capricorn rising is a real burden, you only see the negative side of everything. You carry all the problems of the world on your shoulders and then wonder why you are so unhappy. You interfere in other people's affairs claiming that you are doing so out of love for your neighbor. Despite your apparent lack of experience, you believe that you can solve all problems. When you feel bad, you rely on other people, but your depressed mood can last for several weeks in a row, and no one can bear that kind of stress. You can't afford to let more than one friend down when you suffer from chronic depression. Your emotions are poisoned with intolerance, you suffer from limitedness and care little for the feelings of others. When you do a favor to someone, you do it as a duty and then call yourself a martyr. You lack foresight and no one can oppose your pessimism. If you want to know more about Cancer Sun Capricorn rising then talk to astrology.

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