Cancer Sun Cancer Rising

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising

Cancer Sun Cancer rising of a double dose of such an unstable, restless, and emotional sign is not a very good thing for you. In this case, you are completely at the mercy of feelings and sensations. If you can cope with this remarkable emotional energy, you can use it for the well-being of others instead of wallowing in your own emotions. Gardening is likely to be your favorite hobby and will bring you peace, as will the presence of water around you, such as the ocean, rivers, etc. But if you can't give your emotions a healthy outlet, stress and neurosis will burn you out. Inside. You enjoy telling others how hard life is for you, but then life will seem even harder to you, and you don't need to expect too much from others.

You are convinced that you are very sensitive, and in fact: you may burst into tears while watching a movie or discussing your disappointment in a past love. Eventually, they remember their own, very real problems and wonder why they waste time listening to you. Have you ever noticed that your friends start trembling nervously after spending a little time in your community? They would like to go, but you seem overwhelmed with grief, and they can't bring themselves to do anything sensible. So they continue to witness how you bathe in a stream of self-pity, which is not a particularly pleasant sight. Usually, you suck out other people's time, energy, and emotions until they are completely exhausted, at which point you immediately call up and go to another company where you have a new audience. Will be class.

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising Personality

According to Personalized PredictionCancer Sun Cancer rising will make you an excellent parent, provided you avoid letting your entire life revolve around your children. Restless and active, you often travel for the sake of walking. The past is very real to you, and sometimes you are unable to distinguish between the past and the present. Don't forget to learn and grow from your life experience. Of course, life is full of ups and downs, but it is also certain that everyone will get their share of fame or power.

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising is gifted with a rich imagination, finding satisfaction in strange adventures and encounters with unusual people. Your nature is changeable, and although you are often disappointed by people, your need for friendship and affection keeps you looking for new acquaintances.

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising Woman

The Cancer Sun Cancer rising woman immediately withdraws somewhat, while the other opens up. In chess, they prefer to play with black, because the first move goes to white: the same way they behave with others. However, they do not tolerate being harassed. To this, they react so harshly that they will be killed. They are highly stressed to some extent, which affects their health; They need rest and peace.

Cancer Sun Cancer rising women are very considerate of others, but at a crucial moment, they show unexpected courage, especially if it is about protecting tradition. They willingly take responsibility, but internal rather than external. They are wonderful treasurers of any society. 

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising Man

A man with the Sun in Cancer and the Rising in Cancer feels so by touch, and moves very judiciously in his environment, giving the impression of uncertainty, at worst - cowardice. But inside they are very strong, although they do not dare to show it, because the fear of life is obvious in them. They want protection, but also protect others and have great power over others.

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising Men are very vulnerable when they try to hide their quirks with some arrogance. Their sensitivity can be irritating to others, often deliberately insulting them in order to cause others pain. Unfortunately, they contribute to a lot of what is happening; They sense danger ahead of time and prepare for it.

Cancer Sun and Cancer Rising Compatibility

For this person, it's the water and earth signs that really get their heart racing! Capricorns rule their seventh house of love, relationships, and marriage, so they are attracted to people who are either younger or older than them. They prefer dating people who are ambitious, have good careers, are financially stable, and can provide a good home. Capricorns make a great pair, although Cancers really provide the nurturing and loving support they crave.

Pisces often makes the best choice, because together they understand each other deeply. Scorpio is a good choice and Virgo and Taurus help this person to steady themselves and bring routine and stability to their life. Gemini and Leo become good friends. They may find Aries to be too impulsive and because of this, they do not feel "safe" when they are around them. Sagittarius people are very independent and adventurous because what this person really wants is a loving family and home with children. Aquarius and Libra are too emotionally isolating for a person with this combination unless people with these signs have Venus and Mars in Water and Earth signs.

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you are quite friendly and loyal in love – a combination that can contribute to happiness in marriage. However, you are very sensitive, and cruel criticism can hurt you deeply. You are devoted to your home and your partner. If you are a man, you love when your wife takes care of you. You are very emotional and sensitive to love, approval, and sympathy. You may face problems with relatives and because of this, you may become too attached to other families.

Happiness does not come easily, although, after great legal difficulties, you may receive an inheritance. Children will create many complications in life, although the elders will probably be successful in chemistry, medicine, or the military profession and achieve a respectable position, so you will be very proud of them. Your children will be a great source of security and support for you in old age.

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, a bit of a hypochondriac, you rarely go a day when you don't imagine that you have some kind of illness. The state of your health often depends on your emotional life, and by suppressing your emotions you give rise to diseases caused by nervous tension. Chest and stomach diseases, arthritis, and sciatica are possible problems. You may be at risk of injury, so you should be careful not to fall. Finally, don't pet animals, especially when you live abroad.

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are emotional, sensitive to flattery, and like to feel popular. You like acting, you are good at conversation and this can provide you with a source of income. Advertisements and television can be a great opportunity for you to prove yourself. Money will not come to you easily, but only through hard work or through your children. Your life will be more successful and prosperous in middle age. You may find a good nanny, gardener, chef, or hotel staff, you will be good at handling work in the service sector.


The rising of Gemini increases Cancer's level of sensitivity and emotions. You choose to run from conflicts and focus on how you can succeed. You dream wildly of success and are not afraid to work hard to achieve your dreams. Your mood, along with your sensitivity, controls your life, and sometimes you have difficulty finding your balance. Thus, your emotional path is a bit chaotic at times. Even though you aspire to spend a life together or create a family, you soon feel suffocated by your partner and you start running away. Thus, you are often in favor of free association. In a couple, you remain attentive, gentle, and considerate. With your creativity and ingenuity, it's hard to get bored of you. If you want to know more about Cancer Sun Cancer rising then talk to astrology.

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