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Can Women Wear Rudraksha?

Can Women Wear Rudraksha?

In ancient times only men used to wear Rudraksh because according to religious beliefs, it is believed men are always pure, and the Rudraksh worn by men is also always pure, on the contrary, women are considered impure, so women should not wear Rudraksh. was not allowed but the ancient beliefs are now slowly being abolished and women have also started wearing Rudraksh, women do not face any problem in wearing Rudraksh in its pure state. But when women remain impure, that is, when women have menstruation, then they should remove Rudraksh, many women are not able to do this.

People mostly keep asking whether girls should wear Rudraksha or not. Can girls wear Rudraksha? Or do the girls who wear Rudraksh get the benefits of Rudraksh or not? In modern changed times, the way the difference between a girl and a boy is not seen in different places. Similarly, people do not see any difference in wearing Rudraksha between a girl and a boy. People believe that in this way boys can wear Rudraksh, similarly, girls can also wear Rudraksh.

Can Ladies Wear Rudraksha?

Under normal circumstances, all boys and girls, men and women wear Rudraksha. Wearing Rudraksha has a positive effect on everyone's life, which can bring happiness and success in one's life. If you are troubled by different types of problems and you are constantly facing difficulties, and lack of happiness in your life, then you can wear Rudraksha. But some people believe that girls and women should not wear Rudraksha.

There is no clear statement about whether girls should wear Rudraksh or not, but it has definitely been said that whenever Rudraksh is worn, your body should be pure. That is why some people question whether women or girls should wear Rudraksha or not because people believe that women are impure. Because of this, we should not wear Rudraksha but women are not always impure, because it is considered impure from the point of view of periods, so only a few days in a month do women come from periods. That's why women don't always remain impure and remain impure only during periods, apart from this, three women become impure in some other circumstances, but in this way, men also become impure in some circumstances, so it does not mean that women should never wear Rudraksha.

Can Ladies Wear Rudraksha During Periods?

According to traditional and social beliefs, women become physically impure when they have periods and according to religious beliefs, impure people should not wear Rudraksha. Therefore, when the period is about to start, women should remove Rudraksh, otherwise, women can wear Rudraksh under normal circumstances and in pure physical condition. Women should not wear Rudraksh, there is no clear evidence about it, Rudraksh should be worn only in pure physical condition.

It has been said in our Vedas and Puranas that's why both women and men can wear Rudraksh in pure physical condition and if the body is ever more impure than a woman or a man, then he cannot wear Rudraksh. There is no difference between men and women, so it can be clearly said that girls should not wear Rudraksha during periods.

Can A Pregnant Woman Wear Rudraksha?

It is believed that when women conceive, they become impure but this is not at all the case. Women conceive that is, a fetus is formed in their stomach. Then she is completely pure, at that time she should wear Rudraksha.

At that time, she should take off the Rudraksha and when she is done with her work, she can take a bath and purify her body and wear the Rudraksha again, because of this the Rudraksha does not become impure, and during pregnancy, the Rudraksha protects her and the child in her womb. Protects and develops positive energy in the surrounding area, which has a positive effect on the newborn baby. But keep in mind that at the time of delivery, the Rudraksha should be taken off and kept at a pure place.

Girls and women should not wear Rudraksha at the time of delivery, because at the time of delivery, waste material comes out from the body of women, which is impure, due to which the body of women becomes pure. That's why women cannot wear Rudraksh at the time of delivery, apart from this, if the time of delivery of women comes near, then they should take off Rudraksh so that Rudraksh is not impure and can be purified after delivery. Due to this Rudraksha protects you and your child and gives you various benefits. That's why women should not wear Rudraksh when the delivery time comes near, that is, girls and women cannot wear Rudraksh at the time of delivery.

At The Time Of Various Other Physical Inaccuracies

Apart from all the reasons mentioned above, if women become impure due to any reason, then they should not wear Rudraksha. Most of the women are impure through the above-mentioned methods, apart from this there are many times when women become impure. becomes impure, therefore Rudraksh should be saved from getting impure even on such occasions and Rudraksh should be worn after purifying the body by bathing, etc. again. Due to this, your Rudraksha is also saved from getting impure and it continuously provides you with positive energy, due to which you get success in different areas of life. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, both women and men should not wear Rudraksha at the following times.

  • If someone dies in the house, Rudraksha should be taken off and hanged at a high place.

  • One should not go to the cremation ground and funeral procession wearing Rudraksha.

  • One should not lie after wearing Rudraksha.

  • If you are wearing Rudraksha then you should not kill any living being.

  • Rudraksha should not be worn after consuming meat, fish, and alcohol.

  • Rudraksha should not be worn after doing sinful deeds.

Rudraksha Wearing Rules For Females

Under normal circumstances, any man, woman, or girl can wear Rudraksh at any time. The most important condition for wearing Rudraksh is that the person's body should be pure, so that Rudraksh's activity remains and Rudraksh has a positive energy effect, due to which happiness, wealth, prosperity, and auspicious time remain in a person's life. Many people believe that girls should not wear Rudraksh, so some people also have questions in their mind that whether girls should wear Rudraksh or not, but girls should not wear Rudraksh, so far no concrete facts have been received. Has happened.

But some people believe that women are impure so women should wear Rudraksha but as far as I believe women are not always impure and at the time women remain impure. At that time, they should not wear Rudraksh at all, whether it is a woman or a man, do not wear Rudraksh in an inauspicious situation, it destroys the sanctity of Rudraksh, the female demon stops working, due to which the person gets benefits from Rudraksh. No one gets it, but to get the following benefits, one should wear Rudraksha in pure condition, both male and female.

  • In the condition of bad position of the planets in the horoscope.

  • To avoid facing various kinds of troubles in life.

  • To get progress in business and job.

  • To relieve various types of mental stress.

  • To achieve success in different fields in life.

  • To get rid of witchcraft and evil spirits.

  • To get rid of certain types of sinful deeds.

  • To achieve success in the field of education and for the development of intelligence.

  • For peace in husband wife and family relations.

  • To cure various types of physical ailments.

  • To remove mental stress and mental problems.


The most important condition for wearing Rudraksha is that the person should be pure while wearing Rudraksha but there are many people who believe that women are not pure. But in modern times women are impure only for a short period of time, such a time comes to women every month. Apart from this, women can wear Rudraksha at other times and some modern scholars believe that women are impure even during periods. Only it depends on their discretion whether to wear Rudraksha or not at that time, it does not affect their chastity, because the period is the natural function of their body, apart from this women have to wear Rudraksha at some other time also. Rudraksha should not be worn. Through the above article, it has become clear whether girls should wear Rudraksh or not or at what time girls should wear Rudraksh and at what time they should not wear it. Talk to astrologers to know more about when girls should wear Rudraksha.

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