Can Astrology Predict Disease Before They Occur?

Astrology is the science of foreseeing or forecasting the impact of planetary bodies on humanity. In Indian sacred traditions, profound information about astrology and medicine is kept and passed down through the ages. The implications of good and evil acts in this life and past incarnations, as well as the ramifications of health or ill-health in this life, will be plainly recognized through Astrology. Health issues or injuries can be predicted using astrology health predictions before they manifest in the human body. This is conceivable because the 12 houses in astrology govern the realms of humankind, and when unfavorable planets collide with negative houses, health issues and accidents might arise. According to astrology health prediction, the continually shifting planetary systems have a direct impact on human health. The relationship between man's biological and sensuous spheres and the universe above the moon is influenced by his birth time. The position of the planets at the moment of birth impacts our vulnerability to certain diseases, as well as the body's physiological state. Individual horoscopes encourage this notion. Although some may not believe it, between 25% and 30% of Americans think that astrology may help them predict diseases before they happen. 

Medicine and astrology are joined on an equal level. For example, the Astrology health prediction for the years 1564–1584, based on celestial readings, projected the arrival of a spectrum of ailments, including the plague, which sparked fear and was justified by pointing to a negative influence of the solar eclipse. Every planet is connected with respective chakras in our astral body and hence, Astrology can predict diseases before they occur. 

Certain areas/parts of the body are closely associated with a particular astrological sign. For example; the Head or brain is associated with the Aries zodiac, therefore, people with the Aries zodiac go through mental health issues, headaches, and migraines. The heart is closely associated with the zodiac sign Leo, therefore, people falling under the umbrella of Leo zodiac signs often face cardiac issues like high blood pressure, blocked arteries, and irregular heartbeats.  Libra zodiac is closely associated with Kidneys, Adrenal glands, and Skin and hence, they suffer from digestive issues and dermatological problems. Capricorn zodiac sign is closely associated with bones, knees, teeth, and joints and hence, they suffer from joint aches and dental issues very often. In the same manner, certain planets are associated with certain health issues and the presence of those planets in your zodiac highly affects your health. For example; if your astrological sign is highly influenced by Rahu, you will get diseases like Cancer and Asthma.  If your zodiac sign is highly influenced by the presence of Saturn or Shani then you are will surely suffer from diseases like arthritis, physical weakness, and joint pains. If your zodiac sign shows the long-time presence of Ketu in the upcoming year, you will suffer from serious immunity issues or suffer from deep wounds in that year. 


Astrology Predict Disease As Per The Houses


The 6th house of your zodiac is mentioned as the house of disease and illness. Astrologers can predict the diseases before they occur by looking at the transitions of planets taking place in your sixth house. 

The layman would not understand all the specifics of astrology and its impact on the health of an individual hence he would always need a consultation from an astrologer to have certain health predictions. Not only you but also your children and family members again benefit from astrology phone consultation regarding their health. Astrology health prediction says that the creation of particular planetary Yogas will reveal a lot more facts regarding the disease's etiology. If the Sun or Moon is in the 12th house, for example, eye sickness is a possibility. Heart problems are also caused by afflictions to the Sun, Leo, and the 5th house. Bright's illness is caused by Mars in Libra, which is affected by Venus and up and expand by Saturn. The person gets Leprosy if the Moon is affected by Saturn in Aries and Mars also has power upon the Moon. If you have a malefic planet in your sixth or eighth house of the horoscope, you will undoubtedly have kidney difficulties.


We can seldom overlook our health in order to live a happy and wealthy life. Health problems cause the entire growth cycle to disintegrate. You can't evaluate, perform, or gain if you're sick. It is critical that we focus on our health in order to survive in this environment. Well, learned astrologers can predict health problems or injuries before their actual appearance in the human body. Hence, you must not wait anymore to get our service of Astrology phone consultation with us and make your life easy by using astrological predictions as your first and foremost fitness tool.

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