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Budh Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

Budh Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

The planet Mercury is said to transmit intelligence, communication, and skin. Although Mercury is said to be an auspicious planet, if it comes in contact with any cruel planet then it is inauspicious for the person. Many measures are taken for the peace of the planet Mercury. If there is a bad position of Budh in a person's Kundli, then the person may have to face problems like skin disorders, lack of concentration in education, and writing work. On the other hand, if the position of this planet is good, then due to the auspicious effect of Mercury, progress is achieved in intelligence, business, communication, and education. But if you want peace from the inauspicious effects of Mercury, then we are telling you some mantras and remedies for that.



Budh Beej Mantra



ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः॥

Om Bram Brim Broom Sah Budhaey Namah

ॐ बमः बुधाय नमः॥

Om bum budhaaya namah

Meaning - Whose body is so revered that it is like darkness, whose image embodies the intellect, whose nature and character is beautiful, we bow with complete dedication to the Buddha who is the personification of intelligence. We bow before Mercury, the symbol of intelligence.



Benefits Of Budh Beej Mantra



By chanting the Beej Mantra of the planet Mercury, the intellect becomes so sharp that in whatever field a person works, he becomes famous for his sharp intellect. If a student's memory power is less, that is, he does not have any memory even after studying more, then he can increase his memory power by chanting the Beej Mantra of the planet Mercury.



Budh Navgraha Mantra



प्रियं गुकालिकाश्याम् रूपेनं प्रतिमं बुधम्

सौम्यम सौम्या गुनोरपेथम थम बुधम् प्रणमामयम्:

Priyam gukalikaashyaamam Rupenaam prathimam Budham

Saumyam Saumya gunorpetham tham Budham pranamamyaham

Meaning - I bow to Mercury who is dark in complexion and black like tulips, unique in appearance, and unusually intelligent and learned. At the same time, being the son of Soma, he is also endowed with pleasant and auspicious qualities.



Benefits Of Budh Navgraha Mantra



Problems arise due to the inauspicious effect of the planet Mercury and to avoid this one can chant this mantra. This mantra should be chanted regularly to reduce the ill effects of Mercury. The person who is successful in chanting the mantra regularly improves his skills.



Budh Gayatri Mantra



ॐ सौम्य-रूपाय विदमहे वाणेशाय धीमहि तन्नो सौम्यः प्रचोदयात् ॥

Om Saumya Rupay Vidhmahe Vaaneshay Dhimahi Tanno: Saumya Prachodyat

Meaning - Let me meditate on the one who has an elephant in his flag. Who has the power to give happiness, give me high intelligence, and let the Lord of Mercury illuminate my mind.



Benefits Of Budh Gayatri Mantra



With the recitation of Budh Gayatri Mantra, you can worship the planet Mercury or the deity of Mercury. The recitation of Budh Gayatri Mantra leads to success in life. You can also recite Shri Budh Gayatri Mantra to attain happiness and peace in life.



Budh Dhyan Mantra



पीताम्बरः पीतवपुः किरीटी चतुर्भुजो दण्डधरश्च हारी ।

चर्मासिधृक् सोमसुतो धनुष्मान् सिंहाधिरुढो वरदो बुधश्च ।।

Pitambarah Pitavapuh Kiriti chaturbhujo dandadharashch haaree

Charmasidhrk Somasuto Dhanushman Singhadhirudho Varado Budhsch



Benefits of Budh Dhyan Mantra



Budh Dhyan Mantra proves to be beneficial in many health-related problems. It is also beneficial in health problems like insomnia, mental diseases, and gastric. If your mind remains unstable, then you should chant this mantra regularly. In fact, this mantra also helps in keeping your mind stable and calm.




If there is a disturbance in one's planetary constellation due to the planet Mercury, then by regular chanting of Budh Mantra, he gets rid of these things. At the same time, peace comes into the life of the person. If you want to know about Mercury Mantra, then talk to astrologers.

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