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Buddha Avatar Relationship with Mercury According to Astrology

Buddha Avatar Relationship with Mercury According to Astrology

Buddha means intellect, intellect, prudence, and logic - which is a symbol of strong mercury. By worshiping Buddha, the ninth of the ten principal avatars of Lord Vishnu, you can transform your mercury energy and direct it towards a higher goal. Vishnu or Narayana is also related to the planet Mercury (Buddha), in the role of Buddha or higher intelligence in particular and controlling dharma in general. Mercury is often regarded as the intellect of the Sun or his personal manifestation.


It is believed that the 9th incarnation of Lord Vishnu was Gautam Buddha. If we compare, Gautam Buddha has no power like the rest of Vishnu's avatar. He was a perfect human who explained the Four Noble Truths (Aryan Truths), which included suffering, its cause, its destruction, and the way of eradicating suffering.


Buddha Avatar: An Ascetic


In some sects of Hinduism, he is considered a divine incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born to the prince of Kapilavastu to Suddhodana and Maya. At birth, he was named Siddhartha, which means "all things were done" by the king. But soon after his birth, his mother died but Maya's sister Prajapati brought up Siddhartha.


The Buddha (Siddhartha) was saddened by the death of living beings during his childhood days and asked: "Do all living beings kill each other?" He was not satisfied with any of the answers given to him and decided to know their meaning and the absolute truth in detail, because of this he left his wife and child to lead a solitaire life in the forest and one day became enlightened. His preaching gave birth to Buddhism which is now popular all over the world.


In the Buddha avatar, Lord Vishnu incarnated himself as Buddha, the ascetic prince, who abdicated the throne to lead the world on the path of peace. He is the founder of the major worldwide Buddhism.


Buddha Avatar Connection with Mercury


This is not surprising, the word Buddha means acumen, wisdom, reason, separation, and logic - on which solid mercury depends. The planet Mercury represents intelligence. According to Vedic mythology, Mercury is the child of the Moon. Both Mercury and Moon have an effect on the mind. There were many such people during his lifetime who gave good intellect and brought him on a good path. Like the planet Mercury, he had provided good education to everyone.


Just as Mercury, being the lord of intelligence, is fond of learning, he controls education and is good at remembering facts. Mercury is a young, intelligent, and curious planet with a good sense of humor.


Take inspiration from the Lord Buddha to transform your inconsistent vitality and direct it toward a more important standard. The planet Mercury is also known as the prince of the planets. The planet Mercury is very closest to the Sun. The planet Mercury is also called the giver of occupation. Also, the planet Mercury in the Kundali represents speech and communication. Mercury bestows the ability to do a successful occupation. If Mercury is afflicted by any planet in the Kundali, then the person becomes mentally weak. He has difficulty understanding things, but when Mercury is in a good house it provides great benefits. You can do an online phone consultation with astrologers to know the position of Mercury in the horoscope.

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