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World in 2050 - Astrological View

World in 2050 - Astrological View

Aero dynamics
Unimaginable progress in aviation
Numerous space stations

World Future Predictions Astrology


So far we have had the blessings of earth and fire and water. Now it will be the turn of the entire universe and especially the air and wind and outer space to bless us. These blessings will improve our artificial intelligence, our ability to coordinate with electronics, a new kind of energy, the constellations above us, and even the constellations that lie behind the real constellations. It is something like the mystery of the illusion of science itself.

We are in a new era. It is also called the Uranian Age. Why? The main planet of this new era is Uranus. In simple words, Uranus means evolution and revolution and hence a complete change in the fabric of our nature as well as the whole universe. I know it is difficult for me to describe to you the exact nature of change even at 90 years old but we and robots and artificial intelligence and a little bit of old-world tradition at the beginning of the universe will not only come together but say fuse into a single atom.

This will not be the end of the universe. Because we astrologers have, though not limited, limited vision and limited power to see into the heart of things. You could call it a mixture of intuition, intelligence, imagination, and the X factor that no one really fully understands. You can call it spiritual, you can call it ESP, you can call it an inherent ability to move within the fabric of the universe. But what is certain to me is that we will not only survive but that we will come out kicking and screaming on a new world of science, biochemistry, the stars, our own primitive selves, and a little bit of spirituality, goodness, or should you even say godliness. Will come alive somehow.

In 2050 Saturn the planet of control and Jupiter the planet of expansion and good fortune, as well as Chiron responsible for healing and courage all come together wonderfully. Let me put it simply. It's all about timing for the batsman, just complimenting the bat in the right position leads to a boundary. One look at a woman is enough to send the world into a tizzy. For a comedian, getting on stage at the right time is everything.



It is very difficult for me to express myself in words. Although I am a professor of English. But let me put it in simple words, it means wholeness, totality, and cosmic forces all joining hands for a new world. I admit that even though I push myself hard like a marathon runner, this is about the best I can do on March 27, 2020. I say 3 cheers for all of us. We, humans, are like a box of chocolates attacked. In this box of chocolates, there is not only sweetness but real light hence my illusion that the whole universe is sweetness and light.


World Astrology Report

If you ask me about the major feature of the 21st century then my heart and mind and body and soul and soul say that one world government will definitely be established. Why? Harmony, reason, and group activity make it not only possible or probable but absolutely certain. In this one world government, the President or leader will be called "The Communicator". The simple reason is that communication is the master key in the Age of Aquarius. Let me give you an example. You and a woman love each other. That's why both of you will have a green light on your forehead. If you don't love each other you may have a red light on your forehead. If your love is half and half then there will be orange light. This may sound very fanciful to you. But in the Age of Aquarius, you will be able to communicate your feelings and thoughts, and ideas to each other without having to speak in any way. Strictly speaking you and the world will communicate electronically. There will be a complete absence of war. how come? I've thought about the Boomerang Shield for 20 years. It means that if you think, imagine, or want to do something that hurts others, it will automatically come back to you. So in order to keep yourself safe, you will learn not to hurt and harm others.

According to Astrology Predictions, another fiction or prophecy is that gas will be invented and released into the air. Only psychopaths, murderers, and murderers will fall prey to it in the sense that bad deeds will come to naught. Aquarius and now we belong to humanity in general in the Age of Aquarius. Therefore it pervades the entire universe. This is one of the major characteristics of our Aquarian age. So it is more than possible that we will change for the better, realize our potential, and maybe be so different from who we are now that we may very well surprise ourselves.

Here are a few important posers which will be resolved by 2050

1. Is gravity related to love in any which way?

2. Can we really see our own souls?

3. Will there be a grand union in mysterious ways of science and spirituality?

4. Will we be able to actually see God or at least a universally defined symbol of God?

5. I agree that there Robots and men will come together but will we be able to resolve ethical issues like goodness, kindness, and purity?

6. Is it possible that NATURE represents Universal God because it has both, abundance and variety?

Finally, I say we will be ready for this mighty exciting, and challenging adventure that no century before has ever experienced.

Cosmic Force (CF)

Ganesha says from the back of the beyond comes the Cosmic Force. Therefore teaches eternal, vast, beyond imagination and the variety is countless. About 50 years from now religion as such will disappear and so will God. Instead of it Cosmic Energy will be known, respected, and possibly acknowledged, accepted, and be a part of life. In short Cosmic Force is and will be Eternal.

One of the main purposes of this Cosmic Force will be:

The brain is the organ of destiny.

It holds within its humming mechanism secrets that will determine

The future of the human race.

Finally, there is the distinct possibility of Aliens and us joining hands for a wonderful, exciting, and different unimaginable cosmos. That’s it.


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