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Benefits of Astrology in overcoming Depression

Benefits of Astrology in overcoming Depression

Everyone in this world suffers from something, but in this new age, mental health is its stake in each person’s life. Where they face tons of things in their life at every stage and age. There is nothing to fill up this hollow world for them and people are just moving in life with bad mental health. There is stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and more making humans suffer more suffering in their life. There are psychologists and medical help in this sector, but not everyone is willing to do that or go because some might still feel as if it is a shame. And others want to get over it in their way and that astrology is the biggest help one can have in overcoming depression.


Astrology Remedies in overcoming depression


There are many things which come under depression-like Feeling of sadness if it lasts for months, Getting angry on small things, Failure in Relationships, Exams, etc, Loss of interest or enjoyment in life, Lack of Self-confidence, Feeling bored all the time, Tiredness or Lack of Energy, Mood Swings, Sleep disturbances or Insomnia, and Suicidal Thoughts all things come in depression issues.

In Vedic astrology, your planet house is one of the major reasons for having depression but the same Vedic astrology gives solutions. There are many remedies provided by astrology to help in overcoming these issues and mental depression. There are many ways for it but we will list out some major ways to help you in coping up with depression.


1. Drink water in Silver Glass.


In astrology, drinking Moon charge water is the essential thing to gain confidence and boost self-esteem. But the water in the reflection of the moon helps the moon charge your water for some positivity and then drink it in the silver glass. This will help you greatly in coping with mental health issues. Consider online astrology consultation for the proper guidance.


2. Wear pearl or MoonStone


As we told you about the Moon water, it will charge you in life with self-confidence and self-esteem. But if you have major low confidence issues and suicidal thoughts, then wear Pearl or Moonstone. This will help you to get strong mental and physical health. This will give you a boost in life to live happily once again and ask one question related to the moon to astrologers while wearing it for its better knowledge.


3. Try Regular Fastings


In Vedic astrology, each day has its importance and connection with your life. If you have any major issues in life which you want to overcome badly, then consult an expert astrologer for knowledge about fasting. When you do fasting you dedicate your prayer to God and ask them for blessings and by fasting on a particular day, you will resolve the major issues of life like depression and anxiety, and continuing it for a while will give you a good time in life.


4. Wear Silver Ornaments


Silver jewelry has great importance in Vedic astrology. This type of jewelry, which is bought after the consultation of an astrologer, is enchanted with positivity and good times. So, this helps you in overcoming the mental health issues and gives you new direction and positivity in life. So, the astrologers always give silver ornaments like a ring, bracelet, or necklace to wear with a stone. These are considered great remedies for mental peace and happy life.


5. Do Pranayama Regularly


Pranayam is a Yoga meditation. It helps you have a calmness in life. While you perform Pranayam, you will find your inner peace and insight into your life and mind. This is a great help for the people who have anxiety and panic attacks. It calms their minds and gives them an idea to deal with a certain tough situation in life. This is a mind highly recommended exercise in the world for each person to keep their mind and life healthy.


6. Chant Shiv Mantra


The Shiv Mantra is associated with Lord Shiva, and also with planet Moon. By chanting the Shiv Mantra 108 times a day it will give you an immense amount of peace in life. This also opens up your mind for new things and creativity in life. These chants also help the mind highly in getting a strong mindset with self-confidence and overcoming depression.


In Closing


We all know that astrology has some major effective remedies and solutions for every part of life. And, overcoming depression is highly helped by Vedic astrology, this will give you good mental health and happiness in life.

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