Astrological Ways to Boost Confidence

Confidence is an understanding that you trust your own judgement and abilities, value yourself, and feel worthy and have acceptance for the self. It is required everywhere in the life starting from your schooling to your career.

People with low confidence finds it difficult to communicate their opinion, feel unloved and inferior, has to face work life imbalance and sometimes get stuck in wrong relationships and our self-esteem and confidence should be prioritised to make sure we perform well in every aspect of life.

Ganesha says your horoscope and your zodiac are mirror image of who you are and there any changes in them will be directly reflected on you.

The first house of your birth chart reflects mind, if this house is not powerful person may experience lack of confidence. An individual can experience lack of confidence during his dasha or mahadasha period. The transition of malefic planets also leads to feeling of insecurity, self-doubt and lack of confidence and hence it is necessary to make sure we keep proper track of our horoscope and take suitable remedies to perform better in life.


Here are some astrological remedies to boost up your confidence:


    • If the Mars is positioned at a good place in your horoscope, you must wear Moonga to raise your confidence.

    • I would advise you to wear Manek in gold and copper in your index finger if you want fulfil the needs of your self-esteem..

    • Sun has to be very strong in your horoscope and hence you should worship it regularly to keep it stronger. I also recommend you to chant 'Adityahriday Strot'. Also you can recite ‘OM RIM SURYAYE NAMAH’ 21 times everyday.

    • As per my knowledge, wearing 1 mukhi or 11 mukhi rudraksha can be the convenient way to stay confident all the time.

    • You should also put honey in a mud pot and burry it somewhere at the lonely place.

    • God always has its plan to give you your deserved and desired therefore you must keep working hard. I suggest you to chant 'Om Klim' between 8:00pm to 2:30am. Chanting of this will attract your much-needed energies leading to boosting up your self-morale.

    • I also recommend you to wear copper coin in the neck as it has proved to be a very effective remedy.

    • Mercury reflects the confidence level and excellent communication skills and hence it should strengthen to increase your confidence.

    • You must feed grass to cow or feed crow or dog on Wednesday to strengthen your Mercury.

  • If you think lower confidence level is a serious problem for you, there are chances that the 5th, 9th or 3rd house is affected or you have grah dosha in your horoscope, in this case I would advise you to consult a very experienced astrologer and look for specialised solution.



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