Astrological Tips for Baby Namkaran

Astrological Tips for Baby Namkaran

According to Hinduism, 16 Sanskaras have been prescribed for a person from the time he enters his mother's womb till his death. Of all these, the naming ceremony has been given fifth place. Keeping a name has a great effect on a person's life. That's why a person's name should be kept very carefully. So let's know what things should be taken care of in the naming ceremony.

As soon as a newborn child is born, caste rituals are performed. After this time, the Sutak period starts. This Sutak period is of different duration according to Hindu belief. Generally speaking, it is auspicious to perform the naming ceremony of a newborn child 10 days after its birth. Apart from this, the time till the hundredth day is also suitable.


Method of Namkaran Ceremony


Havan should be performed on the day of naming the child and Brahmins should be fed. On the day of naming, the birth chart of the child is prepared to keep in mind many important things like Nakshatras, the direction of planets, date, and time. According to its birth, its zodiac sign is decided. Keeping this zodiac in mind, it is customary to perform the naming ceremony.

On the day of NaamKaran Sanskar, make the child see the Sun God. The child's grandparents and parents then pronounce his name near his right ear. In some communities, this holy ceremony is performed in the presence of at least five married women. These women sing songs to welcome the child. After this, all the people present there give their blessings to the child in turn.


These Things Should Be Kept In Mind For Naming


The naming ceremony of the child should be done at home only. If you want, you can also do it in any Yagya place like a temple, etc. Auspicious symbols like Om and Swastik must be made on the Kalash kept for worship. Apart from this, before bringing the child to the place of worship, it is very important to tie twine or silk thread around his waist. The plate used at the time of the name announcement should be brand new. Also, food should be cooked at home. During this time it is better to keep the child with its mother.


How to Choose the Right Baby Name


According to the scriptures, the child should not be named on the day of any festival like Ashtami, Chaturdashi, Amavasya, and Purnima. Apart from this, naming a child Chaturthi Tithi, Navami Tithi, and Chaturdashi Tithi is considered inauspicious. Naming can be done on 1,2,3,5,6,7,10,11,12,13 except these dates. On the other hand, the naming ceremony can be performed on days related to auspicious planets such as Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.

It is considered auspicious to name children after the name of the Kuldevi or deity. According to Hindu beliefs, the meaning of a child's name influences his or her character. If the name of the child does not match the position of the planets, then it can bring bad luck to the children. Hence choosing the right name for the child is considered extremely important.


The name should be kept very thoughtfully. Actually, the name of the child affects its nature. Along with this, the effect of the name is also on his fate. If you want to know more about baby naming tips then do online Jyotish consultation.

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