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Ashwini Nakshatra According to Astrology

Ashwini Nakshatra According to Astrology

Out of the total of 28 Nakshatras, Ashwini Nakshatra is the first one in Vedic astrology. They’re also called Ashwini Kumaras. All of the famous personalities, Lord and Ashwini Nakshatra pada are discussed below.


Ashwini nakshatra


The word Ashwini mainly denotes a Horsewoman who is born from a female horse. Sanjana is known to be the mother of Ashwini kumaras and the sun is the father but the horse form is called Vivaswat.


Ashwini is also known to be the star of transportation. It is said that the sun god’s chariot was pulled by seven horses or seven different colors of the rainbow. Wherever there is an association of power and energy with horses it is known as horsepower. Thus, Ashwini mainly denotes agility and speed. 


Ashwini natchathiram


Ashwini Natchatiram Palangal is for those born under the sign of Aries. The predictions are completely based on astrology. According to Ashwini Nachtiram Palan, Ashwini Nakshatra will give fruitful results for the people. If you are born in Ashwini Nakshatra, then your zodiac sign will be Aries and your birth constellation lord will be Ketu. The effect of zodiac lord Mars and Ketu will be more visible in your life.


Lord of Ashwini nakshatra


Ashwini nakshatra lord is known to be Ketu, by whom this nakshatra is being ruled.


Ashwini nakshatra famous personalities


Ashwini nakshatra's celebrity list is long and the prominent personalities who are born on this Nakshatra are Pamela di Anderson, Sania Mirza, Bruce Lee, Selena Gomez, And the Miss World title winner Yukta Mookhey.


Ashwini nakshatra pada 1


The First pada is Aries Navamsha which is around zero degrees to three degrees in 20 minutes. Persons who were born in Ashwini pada 1 are having an Oval-shaped face, slim body, and average look with a normal length of their limbs. They are quite dominant characters who love getting praised by others. They have an inclination towards inter-caste marriage and always stay tensed about their children.


Ashwini nakshatra pada 2


The Second pada of Ashwini Nakshatra is Taurus Navamsha which is around 3 degrees 20 minutes to six degrees 40 minutes. The persons whose birth was in this pada are mostly of fair complexion. They are very good-looking and are quite active in taking action and their mind is highly alert and sharp. They aspire to live a very luxurious lifestyle. They are very much ambitious and they’re having a very strong mental resilience and love following their discipline and routine in everyday life.


Ashwini nakshatra pada 3


Ashwini pada three is the Mercury Navamsha that is around 6 degrees 40 minutes to 10 degrees 0 minutes. A Person whose birth was in the pada three is very much social and outgoing in a character who are having excellent communication skills and loves to interact with people and crack jokes and entertain everyone.


Ashwini nakshatra pada 4


Ashwini pada 4 is for Cancer Navamsha which is around 10 degrees 0 minutes to 13 degrees 20 minutes. Those who are born in the Pada 4 are very much violent in character and love staying in the melancholic mood all the time. They are very social who are having empathy toward everyone and can heal anyone easily.


Ashwini nakshatra sign


Ashwini Nakshatra is ranging from zero to thirteen degrees in the House of Aries. Being a fiery sign Aries is acquiring first place in the Zodiac sign list. The natives of Aries sign are highly enthusiastic and energetic in their daily life. Those who are born in the timeline of March 21st to 19th April are in the category of Aries Zodiac sign. Ashwini nakshatra is governed by two physicians namely Ashwini Kumaras. Dedication and wisdom are the significance of the deities.


In various ancient texts of astrology,  Ashwini or Ashwinau was depicted as a double number which mainly signifies two deities i.e. double Ashwini Kumars. The head of a horse shape is formed by three stars in the Ashwini constellation. The prominent stars are known by the names alpha and beta Arietis. The head of twin horses gives the look of Ashwini Nakshatra.




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