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Aries Decans: Aries Decans Appearance

Aries Decans: Aries Decans Appearance

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and begins on the spring equinox. Out of all the zodiac signs, Aries people are true leaders and have many adored followers. Aries comes from the element of fire and thus Aries people exhibit a fiery, passionate, and enthusiastic nature.

The sign of Aries is represented by Rama and comes under the influence of the powerful planet Mars. Strength, power, and leadership qualities make up the personality of an Arian.

What are the 3 types of Aries?

Aries Decan 1 - March 21st - March 30th

Aries Decan 2 - March 31st - April 9th

Aries Decan 3 - April 10th - April 20th

First Decan Aries

The first decan Aries is certainly the most distinctive. Much of what was covered above totally applies, but there is more. Aries - the natural ruler of the first house of personality and appearance - makes you the master of a pronounced ego. You're not much of a "me-too" person; You are a real "I-am" type. While this lagna can give you abundant energy and drive, it can result in ego clashes with others if you fail to control your tendency to come on too strong. 

Mars is both ruler and sub-governor, bestower of personality with added force and influence. Being a dominant person sometimes becomes very aggressive. Raw drive to all Aries Deccan 1 is highly active. They don't sleep much. To all this Aries's behavior is usually a mixture of lively and over-the-top reactions. Able to swing quickly from ideation to spontaneity, Aries Deccan is in positions of authority, with projects that are truly mission-like in their own terminology.

Aries is best suited for intimate relationships with energetic individuals who are willing to give them the freedom to act and be themselves, without attempting to limit them. The person best suited for the first decade of Aries is grounded and has a good sense of humor, the ability to keep things in perspective, and to lead their own life.

First Deccan Aries people are quick and energetic and throw themselves wholeheartedly into activities. They have a lot of confidence, they are clear about what is important and they follow their priorities. There's just something about the Aries-Aryan's openly aggressive personality that makes them endearing. A man of strong convictions, he would never do an act that he feels is wrong. Aries-Aries are clear, sharp thinkers and can take a plan to its conclusion.

Second Decan Aries

Second Deccan Aries sub-influences can create interesting differences and interactions. The natural ruler of the fifth house creativity, chance-taking, pleasure, and youth—can provide you with lots of personal enthusiasm for originality. Your ability to come up with new, daring, and unique ideas, discoveries, and inventions is immense. Aries gives you dynamism and courage. Fortunately, you do not have a tendency to be "incomplete".

Second Decan Aries is mellowed by the golden glow of the otherworldly planet. Aries is a sign of nobility; A sense of pride that sets them apart from the rest of the Aries people. The Aries are never content to take things as they come. An Aries who is balanced and relaxed and who lets their energy flow freely is definitely to be admired. Aries in the 2nd house have an ardent and excitable love nature, they seek pleasure from life.

Aries are usually well-liked by the select few that they allow into their inner circle. Aries are fiercely protective of family and friends. An insult to someone close to Aries is an insult to him. When it comes to a competitive, win-win spirit, Aries has few equals. The upside of this energy is the ability to implement their visionary and daring ideals. Aries is best suited for someone who can get along well with them and share their frustrations and joys. People who can keep up with them often become successful partners and companions for them.

People born during the 2 Deccan Aries period are highly goal oriented. Aries have an eloquent, graceful manner of speaking, they can dazzle and charm whenever they want. Aries never take loyalty lightly, going to any extent to show their appreciation.

Third Decan Aries

The sub-effects of 3rd Decan Aries can inspire some interesting external characteristics and personality differences. the natural ruler of the ninth house of the higher mind; on persons, matters, and things or from a difference; long-distance travel; Religion and philosophy cause you to be interested in "mental matters". You are more able to modify your approach so that you can adjust from "hard push" to "soft pedal" if the former doesn't seem appropriate or should work as well.

No doubt, third decans Aries should be as aggressive as possible but flexible as no other Aries can be. Aries - Life is just a treasure trove of possibilities to be explored. Aries gives them a broad or lofty outlook, ambitious thoughts, and a love of travel. Aries 3 Decan resists restrictions of any kind and prizes his personal freedom. The ideal life for Aries of the third decade is to be successful in doing something creative, where they are in charge and call all the shots.

Third Decan Aries represents a more collective involvement than is traditional for the zodiac, being far more social in nature. Aries are very protective of their friends and family. Aries is best suited for an active fun-loving person with a positive outlook on life. Aries people are usually ready to listen and generous with their energy. Due to their overwhelmingly positive attitude, they have little time to grumble or complain.


Aries gives them the focus to reach the top. Imagination is actually one of his best features. Aries' drive keeps him from straying into left field. Aries are highly observant and do not miss opportunities that others may miss. When Aries' restlessness subsides, they have the ability to put unusual ideas into practice. Talk to astrologers to know more about Aries Decans.

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