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Aries Best Friend and Who is Aries Enemy

Aries Best Friend and Who is Aries Enemy

According to astrology, every zodiac sign has its friends and enemies. There is a total of 12 zodiac signs. And all zodiac signs are connected to four elements air, fire, water, and earth. But today we are going to discuss the Aries zodiac sign and its friends and enemies. It’s the first zodiac sign.

Strengths and weaknesses of Aries 



It is a powerful zodiac sign, it's completely ruled by mars which is an energetic planet.



Its sun power is high. Moreover, its element is fire and its symbol is the ram.

Aries Best Friend


Aries is a really good friend in itself it gives more energy. this friendship will help to bring positivity to one's life. The one who belongs to this friendship can take quick decisions and can do work on short notice, in addition, one will take leadership whenever needed.



Leo and Aries both are good friends. Even both are fire signs. Furthermore, the person who belongs to Leo and Aries will have a good friendship. Leo person is good and polite in nature. Even Leo's friend will give gifts to you and you will call him again and again. and in return, he will expect that you will take good and royal care of him.


Libra person is funny in nature and diplomatic they will be a good friend of Aries even though its completely opposite of it. Libra person will appreciate you to do word confidently. Moreover, you can convince easily the libra person to take risks. the libra person will be stylish and creative you will like it and you will appreciate it.


Aries is fire as well as Sagittarius is fire too. Both make well partnership together. Both were party friends even though both are enthusiastic and energetic. Sagittarius person will appreciate courage and energy. Even Aires person will appreciate their free-minded nature and their fun-loving nature.


Aquarius and airs both are quite similar in nature both are stubborn and both of you will appreciate each other's ideas and methods of work. Both of you use to make arguments with friends about money and work. However, money and work are never able to take control of you.


It use to make good friendships with Aries. Both will make a good team together, moreover, both of them are creative and fun-loving. According to the astrologer, together so unfortunates will be faced by Gemini and Aries is safe. both of them will fly like a rocket when both will team up.

Enemy of Aries


According to the astrologer, cancer is completely opposite to Aries because Aries is fire and cancer is water and their nature is completely similar to their nature. Aries is impulsive in nature and aggressive but it does not break the defensive nature of cancer. Meanwhile, cancer is sensitively polite in nature and delicate. Like this, both are opposite to each other and both can never be friends and can become worse enemies than each other.


Both of you never be able to make a good team together. Because both of you get bored with each other. Moreover, both nature is really different because Aries person love to take the risk, do adventure and always use to stay energetic, meanwhile, Scorpio person never uses to take risks they don like to be creative and energetic. Even if they will make team they will end up in trouble.


Aries has its own friend and enemies. But according to astrologer predictions, Aries is a really fun-loving zodiac sign and it is full of energy. and even an Aries person can match all six zodiac signs.


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