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Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising

Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising

Aquarius Sun Virgo rising, you don't socialize much with others, but you are very helpful when needed. You can be assigned any mission with full confidence. You risk some emotional disappointments, as you are shy in expressing your feelings and a little critical in your analyses. Likewise, you do not like social gatherings much, preferring to be in solitude or at least privacy to reflect or conduct scientific research.

Of course, Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising brings some mundanity to your sublime nature. For you, dreams are meaningless if they don't have a chance to become reality. You are open to criticism, but your efforts to deal with it don't always go well. At any moment you are ready to come to the aid of people and support with your authority any initiative that, in your opinion, is worthy of it. You will do a lot of charity. They tend to study science, study nutrition, and hygiene. Although you are a more flexible person than a typical Aquarius, you still get upset over small things. It is important for you to maintain a sense of proportion.

You have a cool, clear mind and a developed sense of justice, but you may feel isolated from other people. They become a wonderful friend, but also a dangerous enemy. Relatives and neighbors treat you quite well and there is not much sympathy among your family members either. You may be burdened with some kind of family secret, your father may be married twice or have an affair.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, you have a nature that encourages you to analyze and analyze people and situations without complacency. You have an innate distrust of your own feelings. Your sharp mind naturally tempts you to step back and avoid impulsive actions before making decisions. It is a way to avoid problems and above all commitments that can hold you hostage.

Shy or aloof, you prefer privacy and tend to stay on the margins, acting as a spectator. You are polite and don't reveal much. Very helpful, you come forward only when you are needed. There are two opposing natures within you that are difficult to reconcile. On the one hand, you want complete freedom, taking risks, and encouraging change; On the other hand, you cling to safety and conformity. You like to go off the beaten path, but later you feel anxious, doubtful, and regretful.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising Woman

Aquarius with Virgo Rising aspires for liberation, they believe that everyone should be free. They would like to divide society into single artists, and then start a new society of single people. So they pursue illusions, become scattered, find it often difficult to make a living, or find their work terrible.

For them, everything is too regulated; The red light of a traffic sign can make them angry. However, other highlights can be great, too, and original. They can, for the moment, revive the sad reality, but cannot change it, they are too fickle for that. Her life is always full of exciting and shocking moments, although at first, he is almost a philanderer.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising Man

The character of a man with Sun in Aquarius and Rising in Virgo searches for meaning in life. They understand the need for change in the world but are able to perform their duties in a traditional manner. They are striving for social justice, which troubles them greatly.

They seem very spiritual and intellectual, but also somewhat cold, and insensitive. They usually understand their emotions well, and they believe that this is the way it should be, because only intelligence separates us from animals. Secretly, they allow themselves the pleasure of fooling others: starting an intelligent conversation, they suddenly bring seriousness to the point of absurdity. But they are very concerned about progress.

Aquarius Sun and Virgo Rising Compatibility

A person with Aquarius Sun and Virgo Rising is never overly affectionate or cuddly. It takes a lot for them to be exceptionally nurturing, sweet, and sensitive in love. They seem quite emotionally isolated in the beginning. Pisces rules the 7th house of love, relationships, and marriage, and so this Aquarius wants a partner who will literally take them away from their everyday life and transport them to another world, just like Pisces. Do very well. Therefore, Pisces makes ideal partners.

Like Virgo people, Capricorn people are also good friends and make good friends. Aquarius makes a great couple and Geminis, who are also Mercury-ruled, make a wonderful couple. Libra people make a lovely pair and can have harmony with Taurus people. Cancers can work, provided they are not too clingy, needy, moody, emotional, or sensitive. Aries loves to work out and exercise and Sagittarius keeps these Aquarius people excited. Leo challenges them in interesting ways.


Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you are often a slave to your habits and find it difficult to give up some of them for the sake of happiness in your family life. If your partner proves to be unfaithful to you, you will be extremely worried, as even the thought that you may be rejected will be unbearable for you. Possibly disappointment in love. You can marry twice or have a love affair while hiding from your spouse. There will be many problems in married life and your love affairs will cause constant hatred towards you in someone's mind, which will result in suffering for the children. You will have very few children whom it will be difficult for you to teach. They will not marry quickly or willingly. The first child will need special care and attention.

Aquarius Sun, Virgo Rising In love, you are looking for emotional security, but you are distrustful, prone to doubt, and prone to overanalyzing and rationalizing emotions. You need an understanding partner, a relationship that is based on friendship as well as love. You may sometimes appear insensitive in your emotional life because you express everything in words that are not always appropriate.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you are a staunch proponent of a healthy lifestyle and are reputed to have impeccable health. But your tendency to worry can lead to all the resulting diseases. Ultimately, you may suffer from colic, diarrhea, caries, eczema, and allergies. Aquarius is the sixth house of health for Sun Virgo ascendant. Therefore, these Aquarius people are more sensitive to problems with their circulation and calves and ankles. They always need to pay special attention to the above-mentioned things.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you delve deeply into the smallest details of any work and can do everything from jurisprudence to administration. You can make a good career in the service sector, and you can have a good nanny, a doctor, a social worker, a secretary or an accountant. Your love for animals may indicate that you will be attracted to the profession of veterinarian. As a result of hard work, especially in youth, you will achieve some material prosperity. In mature years, luck will finally turn to you. You may become a successful businessman or banker, although you may be more interested in speculation. You can achieve financial success abroad.

Professionally, you get the most satisfaction in intellectual work. Bright and conscientious, you get to the bottom of things and like a job well done. You manage to recognize your abilities, and it is in your work that you find the most concrete evidence of this. You question the value of what you do, which drives you toward continuous improvement. Similarly, you are a hidden original person, who prefers to work alone in peace and quiet to make discoveries. You have the ability to work on many concrete details and develop your assets judiciously but surely. You prefer modest but secure income rather than grand projects with no guarantees.


Health problems may become your obsession, and you often suffer from a lack of appetite getting on your nerves. The family doctor does not know what to do with you, because you go to him for the slightest reason, for example, because you have hiccups or you want to be aware of the latest achievements in medicine. But if the doctor prescribes a harmless medicine for your comfort, without showing any signs of irritation, you leave him satisfied. Your loved ones probably don't remember a time when you were healthy. It is not surprising that you do not differ in social activities, and people avoid inviting you to meet because your favorite topic for conversation is your various hypochondriac fantasies. If you want to know more about Aquarius Sun Virgo rising then talk to astrology.

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