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Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising

With the Aquarius Sun rising in Scorpio, you are regarded as a charming, charming, alluring and mysterious hunter, but you remain deeply individualistic despite your humanitarian appearance. Full of revolutionary ideas in line with collective progress, you still maintain a somewhat selfish attitude in your personal relationships. Your rebellious independence collides with your pursuit of intense and passionate feelings, leading to a sometimes tumultuous but rich love life.

Unlike a typical Aquarius, you are a strong, emotional, and jealous person. You are a warrior, always throwing yourself into a fight that does not always end with your victory. You have a strong will and are determined to fight to the end. You have a highly developed tendency to be critical and delight in refuting the theories and ideas of others. You have an insatiable thirst for revealing secrets, including how these or other things are arranged and why they work. Your likes and dislikes are clearly expressed and you always protect your interests. You can find beautiful expressions of your picky nature in discussions and rhetoric.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Blessed with a well-rounded personality, you never give up on your principles and you essentially need to live a life in line with your values. As a purist, you do what you say, following your principles in your actions. Throughout your life, you expand your understanding and engagement beyond known limits and anticipate the future with greater mastery. Aquarius sun, Scorpio rising, you are unconventional, independent, thorough, and secretive, you are difficult to understand, and your personality both fascinates and worries.

Your ideals are built on tolerance and brotherhood, but you yourself are very demanding, even intolerant and rebellious. You can be empathetic, warm, and humorous, but you can also display extreme coldness and cruel frankness. You need to isolate yourself regularly to recharge, but you also enjoy being surrounded.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising Woman

When it is revealed that their dreams have not come true, they climb the barricades and are ready to break everything because they cannot bear that their dreams have not come true. Old things bother them, they are always in conflict with tradition. In theory, they all seem right, in practice they are of no interest, they argue, and not without reason, that in order to move forward, one must doubt everything that has long existed. Is. They've been called "the changed world", but they take it quite seriously. Their humor is offensive, even arrogant, and they rarely take the joke on themselves, something they only learn with age.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising Man

The character of a person with the Sun in Aquarius and the rising in Scorpio is full of thirst for activity, but in doubt: whether one should work and fight only for oneself or for society. They feel that everyone should be able to make a change in the world, but they don't want to identify themselves with others. This makes them not completely reliable in the basic setup.

Aquarius Sun with Scorpio rising will have ups and downs in life for a long time until they find a stable point, and even when they find it, everything can change overnight. They promote their ideals very effectively, and they are excellent propagandists, But they make too many promises because they have too much confidence in themselves. They dream of a new world and fight for it until it is achieved.

Aquarius Sun and Scorpio Rising Compatibility

This Aquarius gives off a lot of sensual energy and attracts many people. Sun in Taurus rules the love life of people with Scorpio rising. Therefore, these Aquarius are a little more affectionate than other Aquarius and need sensual touch, lots of lovemaking, and dates that include food. They make a good pair with Taurus, however, both of them will be very stubborn.

Good matches include Libra, Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn, and Sagittarius. There may be many fights with Aries people and stubborn attitudes with Leo people. There doesn't have to be a lot of chemistry with Gemini, and with Cancer, it can work, provided the Cancer person involved isn't too clingy. Virgos can do things as long as they aren't too cheeky.


Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, Under normal circumstances, you are calm and practical. But when it comes to marriage, your expectations and needs go beyond all reasonable limits. You view marriage as the basis for exploiting your spouse on a domestic level, and this may force you to make choices that you will later regret. Chances are that you will get married twice. You will have to endure rivalry and complications in love. A person born in this zodiac combination is very talented, you may also have twins. Your children will get married soon and you will experience some secret regrets regarding them. Your interest in love and sex awakens early and continues till old age. There may be many secret love affairs and intrigues associated with them in your life.

Your love life is full of turmoil in search of intense emotions. Possessive, jealous, and somewhat selfish, your relationships are marked by passion, conflict, and reconciliation. They are a passionate partner in love, a little jealous and possessive, but fun and full of surprises. The rules of love are not the same as those of war, and in love, you have to know how to lose in order to win. Very arrogant, you never lay down your weapons for fear of losing face.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, your tendency to burden yourself with both work and pleasure can lead to illness. Alcohol abuse can be particularly dangerous for you, as it clouds your emotions and makes you lose control of yourself. You are also at risk of gallbladder disease, poisoning, and injuries to the head, right arm, and eyes.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are ambitious and your ego demands success not only to achieve material prosperity but also for universal recognition. With your ability to criticize, you can succeed in occult sciences, chemistry, philosophy, and even in the police. You are attracted to maritime business and work in government. Your life will not be very easy in your youth and financial matters will be unstable. Mature years will bring you prosperity. You will be able to achieve material gains from business abroad, property, marriage, and help from relatives, both yours and your spouse's. You probably have two different sources of income and two professions. Happiness will come to you, so never give up.

The increase in your wealth inspires you to hold tightly to the reins of your money and desire to free yourself from influences to express your individuality in your investments as well. You have immutable values, which may lead you to isolate yourself too much and step back from traditional investing. Your intuition and common sense protect you from major issues, and you have simple tastes. You constantly need to keep things moving, and you rely on variety in your current tasks to break up the daily routine. You are definitely not afraid of taking on challenges, and you like to take risks to complete your projects, thus, you have the true spirit of an adventurer. Likewise, you know how to question yourself and you are not afraid to start from scratch.


You are a hypocrite. You demand complete freedom for yourself, but consider your relatives as your property. They are incredibly self-confident and constantly impose their opinions on others. You feel like people who listen to you should appreciate and happily swallow the pearls of wisdom you say. In turn, you dismiss the ideas and thoughts of others as unimportant, worthless, or downright foolish. It is unlikely that you have at least one friend, because who can get along with you without being forced by necessity. If you want to know more about Aquarius Sun Scorpio rising then talk to astrology.

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