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Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising is a wonderful mix of personalities, with a very strong character. This double dose of Aquarius reinforces all aspects of you, including your originality, your dislike of obstacles, and many other things. A person with an Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Rising has a strong independent streak, a unique outlook on life, and a humanitarian outlook. They are naturally innovative and are often ahead of their times.

This combination can make them outstanding problem-solvers and visionary leaders. However, they may also struggle with being overly aloof or rebellious and may have trouble forming close relationships with others. You keep your emotions under strict control and in your actions you are basically guided by logic. Nevertheless, you are very kind and can help anyone who asks at any time. Being a practical person, you make an action plan and act accordingly.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, double Aquarius means double the communication and exchange! In fact, you are very communicative, you are an empathetic person, and someone people turn to when they need advice. It must be said that your tolerance and open-mindedness allow you to connect well with the people around you while proposing solutions that few people even dare to think about. Your Aquarius ascendant, belonging to the same Sun sign, gives you excellent creativity. You are original and also eccentric. With you, there is never a dull moment. As a dreamer and very idealistic person, you always have a lot of incredible ideas that you try in every way possible, especially since your curiosity and your thirst for novelty often take you on new paths.

You are confident in yourself, firmly stick to your opinions, and do not give up your position without a fight. Often you come to the wrong conclusion that people who don't agree with you are stupid, crazy, or both. They have a wide circle of friends, but they avoid joining any group or association. You need fresh impressions, and you get tired of seeing the same faces all the time.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising Woman

A woman whose Sun is in Aquarius and rising in Aquarius is known for her personality, intelligence, and eccentricity. She is often seen as a non-conformist and free spirit with a strong desire for freedom and autonomy. She has a humanitarian nature and can be actively involved in efforts to make the world a better place. This combination can also make him a visionary with innovative ideas and a forward-looking approach to life. However, she may also have trouble forming close emotional relationships and may appear aloof or aloof. Overall, she is a unique and dynamic person with a strong sense of self.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising Man

A Man who has his Sun in Aquarius and rising in Aquarius is known for his personality, intellectual curiosity, and humanitarianism. They have a unique outlook towards life and often think outside the box. He values freedom and independence and can have a rebellious nature. This combination can make him a visionary with innovative ideas that challenge the status quo and an excellent problem-solver. He is often attracted to causes that seek to make the world a better place and may be actively involved in activism and social justice issues. However, he may also struggle with emotional isolation and have trouble forming close relationships with others.

Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Rising Compatibility

Leo rules this person's seventh house of love, marriage, and relationships. So, although an Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising is all about everyone else and not their ego, they need someone who loves the spotlight and will teach them to love themselves and not focus on their ego too. Teaches how to do it. Leo makes a wonderful partner and is their opposite in the zodiac. This creates an instant spark and chemistry between them.

In fact, all the fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, are great for this person, as well as the air signs, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Earth sign Capricorn and water sign Pisces make good friends and Sun Aquarius teaches a lot to the ascendant, and vice versa. However, earth signs Taurus and Virgo, and water signs Cancer and Scorpio don't really match at all here. A deeper look into these water signs reveals that Cancer is too needy, sensitive, moody, clingy, and emotional for this person, and Scorpio is too possessive and jealous. These can only work if their Venus, Mars, Ascendant, and/or Moon signs are in Fire or Air signs.


Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you are vigorously avoiding those who try to possess you and restrict your freedom. Romantic dinners inspire you much less than intelligent conversations. You avoid marriage at all costs, but if you find your ideal, you are capable of strong affection and loyalty to your chosen one until old age. Your life partner will probably be from a good family and be a person of art. A long and happy married life is waiting for you. You will not have many children, perhaps twins, and they will give you a lot of trouble. An older child will need special care and attention in the first two years of life. You may travel a lot for family business.

When it comes to love, the Aquarius combination increases your penchant for independence, and so you struggle to consider living together. Your emotional life is based first and foremost on the pursuit of passion and pleasure. Idealist, you do not support that history is entangled in daily routine (although this can hardly be avoided). Thus, while it is not uncommon to see you embarking on adventures, either officially or more covertly, loyalty is not a value you place much importance on. Passionate, it's not rare to see you immersed in complex, if not impossible, love stories. In a relationship, you are very close to the other person. Intelligent and creative, you are willing to listen to anything and accept anything, as long as the monotony is overcome before it gets boring.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you have an exceptionally active mind that knows no rest, and therefore you may suffer from insomnia, which is fraught with overwork and sometimes depression. Vulnerable areas: Blood, muscles, prone to cramps, intestines, stomach, calves, and ankles. You may also suffer from eczema and nerve pain. But you are wise by nature and know that improving your health is entirely in your hands.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you have a sense of independence, so you'll feel most fulfilled in your own business or working as a freelancer. You have a scientific mindset and will be attracted to work related to computers or nuclear physics. Scientific research or electronics can give you the food for the brain you constantly need. You will be successful in life thanks to your talent and personal efforts. The financial situation will not be particularly stable, on the way to prosperity you will have to face obstacles and ups and downs of fate. To earn good money you will have to travel long distances. You may have two or more sources of income, and your profession may be of a secret nature and be associated with research, work in a government or military commission in the field of chemistry. You may also be attracted to the work of a detective. You are highly respected among others and have many friends.


You are a stubborn dreamer who likes to brag about important things. You will go to great lengths to look special and this desire often takes a distorted form. In your case, it is a conscious desire to look unnatural, not a natural eccentricity. In your emotions, you are very careful about giving in to anything that might make you vulnerable. You like to talk about feelings, although it is unlikely that you have experienced them since the last tooth fell. You too have no sense of time at all. You live according to your internal clock, and you don't care about other people. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is difficult for you to maintain a friendly relationship with someone for a long time. But this does not bother you, because you prefer acquaintances, not close friends, who may require some attention from you. If you want to know more about Aquarius Sun Aquarius rising then talk to astrology.

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