Know about the Aquarius Biggest Fear

Know about the Aquarius Biggest Fear

Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign in the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Saturn, among the five elements, it is the air element. In the body of Kaal Purush, the area of ​​​​Aquarius Rashi is on the calves. There are three lords of this zodiac whose planets are Saturn, Mercury, and Venus respectively, in which Saturn is a symbol of hard work, fairness, belligerence, serious analysis, laziness, disease, obstruction, and self-blame. The planet Mercury is a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, decency, and gentleness. Accordingly, Mercury comes in the intellect, which makes them with revolutionary ideas in every field.

Due to the presence of the lord Saturn, he has the ability to do impartial justice and serious analysis and this serious analysis gets the intellect power of the fifth lord Mercury and the lucky effect of Venus, due to which it can complete any task very fast and easily. takes. Due to the influence of the planet Saturn, the belligerence that is required to fight any challenge inside them is full of codes. Due to the planet Saturn, some laziness is also seen in their nature, but it does not last forever. Their talent and intelligence are seen when big adversity arises in front of them.

Due to being the lord of the planet Mercury and the planet Mercury itself being the lord of the fifth house, they have tremendous intelligence. No one knows better than how to complete the work in the shortest possible time. These people stay away from wasting their time in debates and controversies and do not display their intellectual power unnecessarily. Due to the influence of the planet Mercury, they prove to be very good advisors, after getting their advice, many people's lives are saved, but on the contrary, they never think anything for themselves.

Due to being the lord of Venus, they have a special respect for kindness and love. It puts its side very firmly in front of everyone that everyone has the right to live their life freely, so live fearlessly and let others live too. These people always keep doing something for society, so that the thinking of society Increases the range. These people are art and music lovers. They love to present anything artistically. His satirical comments automatically reveal his interest in art and music.

This zodiac sign with an air element likes to be independent like air. Their thoughts, way of working, way of dressing, and way of expressing their views are not traditional. Everything about them is a little different, whatever it may be. These revolutionary ideologues do not believe in repeating the work of others but are in favor of giving a new direction to society by giving new thinking and ideology so that big and positive changes can come in society. They always want to do something for society but do not want to be part of the crowd with those people.

Sometimes Aquarius is accused of being lazy and lonely, but these allegations are made in a hurry, which is completely baseless. Just as each of the five elements has its own merits and demerits, in the same way, it is this zodiac, which is dominated by the air element, which moves at the speed of the mind, does more brainstorming in which it thinks more about the upliftment of itself and the society, due to which These people sometimes take more time and people start accusing them of being lazy and lonely but this does not happen. Solitude is the only way to overcome their intellectual development and ideological defects, just as a scientist does all the research by staying in solitude in his laboratory, in the same way, these people also move ahead by brainstorming ideas by staying in solitude.

Their friends and spouse sometimes consider him to be eccentric and unstable, but it would be absolutely wrong to say this about them. Just as the scientist sitting in the laboratory keeps moving forward by inventing new scientists, in the same way, these people also reveal the newly learned thing by churning daily in relation to life, so that the person living with them does not understand their ideological promotion. And addresses them as crazy or crazy.

Aquarius is very intelligent but she does not reveal it to anyone. She also avoids confusing you by giving arguments many times because she knows that you will not understand and will misunderstand the reasoning given by her. If understood, it is neither positive nor negative, it sits between these two and keeps on analyzing both the facts seriously, due to which their intellectual and spiritual development continues.

In the meantime, if you ever try to entrap them in the illusion of words or words or try to exaggerate or sycophancy, then you are absolutely going to fail because it is more serious than you and understands the mystery of words more than you. That is why never try to weave your traditional illusion in front of them.

 The air element is predominant in them, due to which they always like to be independent and they want to freely research and test all aspects related to their life so that they can develop fully internally and spiritually.

This tendency and desire to be independent gives birth to the biggest fear of their mind, and that fear is bondage, these people are afraid of everything in their life in which there is bondage. Whether it is any kind of bond, whether it is related to words, related to a life partner, love-related or job-related, these people do not like it at all and in their mind, they give it the form of fear which is all kinds of them. It proves to be a big hindrance to development.


Tips to get rid of fear for Aquarius


Life itself is a contract and we have to accept this contract. If the air was not bound with the five elements, then this nature and your creation would not have been possible. There is no movement of the Navagrahas, there is no development in this world. In life, if you take bondage as a resolution, then life will be pleasant and if you take bondage as a burden, then this life will become dull for you and all the people living around you and everyone's interest will also end with you, so from bondage Do not run away but accept this law of the universe and by making bondage your power, be free from this fear of your mind forever.


If you and someone of your own are a Aquarius and you want to know more about their fear, then talk to astrologers.

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