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April Taurus vs May Taurus

April Taurus vs May Taurus

There are lots of explanations as to why the two Taurus signs, Arial and May, can be so different, but the Deacon zodiac sign is one of the most intriguing. This concept involves dividing each zodiac sign into three subdivisions, called Decans. Each month is co-ruled by a different planet, which affects the way the zodiac's energies are expressed. Each zodiac spans 30 degrees on the zodiacal circle—so the first 10 degrees of a zodiac account for the first decan, the other 10 degrees make up the second decan, and the last 10 degrees comprise the third decan. Each day, the Sun travels one degree, which means most April Taurus people may be the first Decan Taurus people, as the Sun may pass through the first 10 degrees of the zodiac when they are born. Meanwhile, most May-born Taureans are either a 2nd or 3rd decan Taurean.

April vs May Taurus

Venus is the planet of love and values, and it is the ruling planet of Taurus. However, May-born Taureans almost always fall in the second or third decan of the sign, which means they have an additional planetary co-ruler that infuses their Taurean vibe. Because the April bulls are completely ruled by Venus, they are known for embodying the most typical Taurus traits—such as loyal, grounded, and pleasure-loving. These Taurus people usually relate to the more generalized strengths and weaknesses that are attributed to their signs.

Taurus is a zodiac sign that naturally knows how to balance work and play and they are passionate about both. But since May Taureans are co-ruled by either Mercury or Saturn, they tend to be more work and detail-oriented than their April-born counterparts. These two planets bring diligent, meticulous, and structured energy to the already hardworking Taurus, which makes them unstoppable when it comes to getting things done, even if they do it in their slow-but-steady Taurus fashion. insist on

April Taurus vs May Taurus Personality

As one of the earth signs, Taurus people are highly sensual people who like to immerse themselves in the pleasures of the material realm. But because April Taurus people have arguably the heaviest influence of Venus on their personalities, they tend to be the most indulgent of the bunch. These Taurus guys absolutely love anything that tastes, smells, looks, feels, or feels good, so a delicious meal, silky sheets, a sweet-smelling bouquet, or a cozy cuddle session are sure to do the trick. will attract them. Will faint Physical touch is definitely a Taurus' love language, and this is even more true for those born in April.

Stubbornness is often cited as one of the biggest weaknesses of Taurus people - and it's not too surprising, considering that they are represented by the symbol of the bull. But because Taurus people are co-ruled by the planet Mercury in May, they tend to be more flexible, adaptable, and quick on their feet. These Taurus people are more open to change than the average bull, so you can usually find yourself softening your stance on things or trying something new more than April Taurus people.

April Taurus Personality

As one of the signs ruled by the planet Venus, all Taureans love luxury and have an appreciation for all that is aesthetically pleasing. However, April Taurus people have an even more insatiable appetite for opulence. April Taurus people cannot help but be attracted to beauty in all its forms, and their artistic vision usually results in. These Taurus people work just as hard as other Bulls, but they do it because of the reward they get later - which is when they get a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy all the best things in life Get.

May Taurus Personality

Taurus people are the fixed zodiac, so they are naturally stable people who focus on security. But May Taureans are co-ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure - making them even more reliable than your average Taurus. These Taurus people are strongly disciplined and highly responsible, so when they choose to rest, they usually want to see things through and make sure their to-dos are done before taking the time to relax. They appreciate a solid schedule, and their keen sense of patience and stability make them the most dependable of all Taureans.


Taurus is an earth sign ruled by the planet Venus and they are represented by a bull because Taurus is stubborn. They have strong opinions and do not budge when it comes to their beliefs. They believe that they are always right, so they are not swayed by other people's opinions. They can be very decisive and close-minded. However, Taurus is a loyal sign. When they care about someone, they become incredibly attached. Taurus sign people would never do anything to hurt the people they love the most. Talk to astrology to know more about April Taurus and May Taurus.

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