Taurus Today

26 November 2020

Positive – Social honour and dignity, along with dignity resources can be obtained. If you are a politician, then the grip in the political arena can be strong. If you are doing some kind of preparation, then you are likely to get success.

Negative – You may have to spend money and contact people more and more. Only then you can get good success. 

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Four

Love – Marital life can be stressful situations. Relations with the in-law side may deteriorate. Problems may increase due to unnecessary disputes, so be careful.

Business – If you had helped someone financially in the past, then this person can thank you at this time. If you are trying to take home, then you can get success in this month. 

Health – You have to be a little careful about your health. At this time, you may face skin related problems. For example, there may be problems of ringworm, itching etc.