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Vastu For Kitchen: Best Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Vastu For Kitchen: Best Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Women spend the majority time in the kitchen. But knowingly or unknowingly if we make any mistake then it can bring many problems in our life. If we do not pay attention to the small things related to the kitchen, then it affects our life, such mistakes related to Vastu can spoil our health, and there can be problems related to money and relations between husband and wife. Because of these mistakes related to Vastu, individuals may have to face many such problems in life.



Vastu Tips For Kitchen


  • While preparing food, your face should be towards the east. This means that the kitchen shelf on which we keep the gas stove should be in such a direction that when we cook, our face should be towards the east. You can keep it in the southeast corner of the kitchen i.e. in the southeast direction of the kitchen. If you keep the stove in the north direction then there are health-related problems.

  • The source of water should always be in the North East direction. If you cannot do this at home, then drink water while facing the northeast direction in the kitchen. The sink for washing utensils should also be in this direction. Never keep the water source at the southeast angle.

  • The burner of the gas stove should not be bad. Mother Annapurna resides on the stove. If you cook food with any other system, then make sure to keep the cleanliness of that place.

  • Always keep the food on the right side of the gas stove. It is believed that Maa Annapurna resides in this direction. You should not cook on the left side of the kitchen. This can spoil the health of your family.

  • Do not use an open dustbin and take full care of cleaning the dustbin. Keep the dustbin in such a place that you cannot see it, because it is also a source of negative energy.

  • Do not keep the stove and sink in the same place, if so, make a wooden wall in between. If this is not possible, then keep a wooden pot there. Do not keep fire and water at the same level. Put a distinct element in the middle of the kitchen.

  • Do not keep a broom in the kitchen because keeping a broom in the kitchen transmits negative energy.

  • Don't keep junk in the kitchen, give the things you don't need to the needy or remove them from the kitchen.

  • Keep the food plate properly. While serving food, the food plate should be kept on a mat, mat, or table with respect.

  • Do not keep false utensils in the sink at night. Due to this, Rahu's effect falls on the members of the house, if possible, sleeping only after washing false utensils at night.

  • If the electrical items used in the kitchen are defective, get them fixed soon. Because of this, Rahu will start exerting its effect first on the housewife of the house who is Venus. Because of this, his health will decline, the expense of hospitals will raise and the house will not be blessed.

  • Install a chimney in the kitchen and keep the kitchen circulated. Do not allow smoke to accumulate. This will make your Jupiter weak.

  • The kitchen slab should not be black color, keep it a light color. Black color shows negative energy.

  • Avoid placing the representation of the deity in the kitchen and refrain from constructing a temple. Keeping a temple in the kitchen does not give auspicious results of worship.

  • Don't even keep medicines in the kitchen. This will not only increase the cost of medicines but also reduce their effect and your disease will not be cured.

  • If your kitchen is big, then try to eat a one-time meal there. This will decrease the impact of Rahu Ketu.

  • The bedroom should not be upper side of the kitchen. This causes health-related problems. You can make a pantry or living room above or below the kitchen but not someone's the living room.




The most important part of a residential house is the kitchen. Fire means energy resides in this direction. With the help of this energy, we all decide our life journey till death. So you can understand the importance of the kitchen. It is said that the kitchen affects both a person's health and wealth. Therefore, the kitchen should always be made as per Vastu Shastra. Want to get more information about Vastu Tips For Kitchen, then Online Astrology Consultations will help you.

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