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Rose Vastu Tips To Get Money And Solve A Love Life Problem

Rose Vastu Tips To Get Money And Solve A Love Life Problem

Flowers have special importance in our life. From making the house fragrant, flowers are used in the worship of God. Although different types of flowers are found, the most important of these is the rose flower. By the way, the rose flower is considered a symbol of love and affection. But do you know that in Vastu Shastra, many such measures of the rose flower have been mentioned, after which your fortune can change? Yes, according to Vastu, if you start doing these remedies related to rose flowers, then happiness and peace will come into the house. In such a situation, let us know about some special measures related to the rose.

The Best Direction To Plant Rose

According to Vastu Shastra, whenever you plant a rose plant in your house, it should be planted in the southwest direction. This direction is considered best for planting red flowers. Planting a rose plant in this direction increases the social prestige of the owner of the house.

Rose Remedy For Family Problem

According to astrology and religious opinion, if a person has problems in his family life, then he should offer red roses to Maa Lakshmi every Friday. Due to this your financial problems will also end.

Rose Remedies For Good Love Life

People who have problems in their love life, keep some rose leaves filled with water in a glass vessel in their bedroom. Also, you have to change these rose leaves and water daily. By doing this your love life will be romantic again.

Do This Easy Remedy Of A Rose For Financial Problems

If there is a financial crisis in a person's life, then rose flowers can prove to be very effective. According to Vastu Shastra, offer rose flowers at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi during the evening aarti. By doing this, you will get relief from financial problems to a great extent. Apart from this, offer five rose petals to Maa Durga on Friday by placing them in a betel leaf. By doing this also you will get relief from the money problem to a great extent.

How To Get Back Stuck Money

Many people lend some money to others. However, they do not recover this money. Under such circumstances, the individual must endure financial losses. Some remedies are very effective to get the solution to this problem. Take some pieces of camphor and some cloves and trap them in a red rose and dedicate it to Maa Durga. This remedy facilitates the swift return of withheld funds.

Roses For Wishes

Offering 11 fresh rose flowers to Hanumanji on any Tuesday can make Bajrangbali happy and fulfill your wishes. Perform this task for eleven Tuesdays in a row.

For Prosperity

To maintain happiness and prosperity in the house, it is considered very auspicious to go to the temple of Maa Lakshmi ji and offer red roses on Friday. If you do this till 11 Fridays, then there is happiness and prosperity in the house and there is profit in business too.

To Cure Disease

If the health of any member of your household is not improving, put rose flowers in a betel leaf and take it off 11 times and then throw it at a crossroads. By doing this, one's health will begin to improve.

For Job

You can get a job soon by offering red roses to the Hanuman temple every morning for 40 days with bare feet. You start it on Tuesday.


The rose plant has been described as very important in Vastu Shastra. The rose is considered a symbol of love in Vastu. At the same time, in astrology, the reference is to Maa Lakshmi. According to Vastu Shastra, planting a rose in the house maintains beauty as well as communication of positive energy. Apart from this, if you have some problems in your love life, then you can get rid of them by doing some easy remedies related to roses. If you want to get more information about Rose Vastu's tips to get money and solve a love life problem, then Online Jyotish Consultation will help you.

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