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Planting Such Plants In The House Is Considered Harmful In Vastu

Planting Such Plants In The House Is Considered Harmful In Vastu

Plants that enhance the beauty of the courtyard or garden of the house can make you poor. These plants may help in keeping the environment pure, but according to Vastu Shastra, these trees and plants are also related to your luck and bad luck! Let us tell you about seven such plants which are very beautiful to see, but bring bad luck to the house. According to Vastu science, building a house brings happiness and prosperity in life. Similarly, if the plants in your house are not according to Vastu, then they can adversely affect your life. Astrologer told me which plants you should avoid keeping in the house.

There is life on earth only because of trees and plants, along with this, trees and plants are considered very important in Vastu shastra. Trees and plants around the house not only help in maintaining the oxygen level in the atmosphere plants are at are also helpful in increasing the positive energy in the house. few trees and plants are also directly related to the auspicious and inauspicious impact of the planets. Just as the plants that promote positive energy have been told in Vastu, sim some trees should not be planted in the house. Applying them in the house increases negative energy due to which one has to face money-related problems. 

Prickly Plant

Thorny plants should never be kept at home or office. Avoid keeping cacti, or other attractive-looking thorny plants except for roses.

Bonsai Plant 

Nowadays the trend of keeping Bonsai plants in the residence has inclined rapidly. It is believed that keeping Bonsai at home hinders the progress of the members. The path of progress is closed. At the same time, keeping plants with red flowers inside the house should also be avoided. However, you can keep them in an open space or garden.

Tamarind Plant

The tamarind tree is also very attractive to look at, but planting it in the house should be avoided. According to belief, evil spirits reside in the tamarind tree. That's why to take special care of this, avoid building a house where there are such trees.

Mehndi Trees

Mehndi trees are usually found in homes, the reason being that women rub their leaves and apply them on their hands and hair. Although this tree is said to be a treasure of beneficial media, according to Vastu, this tree is inauspicious for the house.

Dry Plants

Dead, withered, or dry plants should also never be kept in the house. They obstruct luck. At the same time, people often leave the bouquets decorated at home, whose flowers dry up. These are also considered inauspicious.

Cotton Plant

Planting cotton plants, silk cotton plants, and palmyra trees (a type of palm tree) around the house is also considered inauspicious.

Potted-Plants In North

On the other hand, to make the walls of the house attractive, pots are hung anywhere they are small or big, avoid planting potted plants on the north and east walls of the house, this is also considered inauspicious.

Avoid Planting Milk Plants

Those plants whose branches ooze milk when broken should also be avoided. According to Vastu, planting such plants at home has a bad effect on health. Apart from this, mango, jamun, acacia, and banana trees should also not be planted at home.

Planting This Plant Is Auspicious

Always plant aromatic plants in the home garden. These plants include jasmine, Champa, and retrain. All these are auspicious for the house.
Planting a Tulsi plant in the courtyard of the house is considered auspicious. Along with this, it also reduces air pollution. It is better to place it in the north direction of the house, northeast, or east direction in the middle of the courtyard of the house.


Planting trees in the house purifies the environment. Plus the house feels great. Many people make a garden in front of the house, while many people make a garden in the house by planting trees in pots on the balcony on the roof of the house. Planting trees in the house not only transmits positive energy but also maintains happiness and peace in the house. But planting any tree in the house can be harmful to you. That's why it is very important to choose the right tree while planting a tree in the house. To know more about how planting plants in the house is considered harmful in Vastu take an Astrology phone consultation.

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