Which House of the Birth Chart Forms the Yoga of Love?

Which House of the Birth Chart Forms the Yoga of Love?

In our daily life, we keep changing and upgrading ourselves in many aspects of life and one of these areas is love. Love for work, love for things, and love for the other person. Love is a very beautiful feeling and when one is in love the world automatically makes sense and the cherry on the cake is when the other person is feeling the same towards you. Gradually this feeling strengthens between two individuals and then they are ready to start their life as a married couple. Now, it is very common to fall in love with someone but there are some who end up with marriage and for this, not only do their efforts work but the planetary positions in their birth chart also support the chances of a successful relationship and marriage. performs.


Responsible House and Planets of Love Marriage Yoga


The houses mainly responsible for creating Love Yoga are the 5th, 7th, 8th, and 11th houses. These expressions should be analyzed and considered while evaluating love marriage astrology. Similarly, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer also make significant contributions, and the planets responsible for the third mutual love are Mars, Venus, Rahu, Moon, and Mercury, the combination of these planets is known in the birth chart. The primary houses are the 5th and 7th. The 5th house signifies the creativity of the individual and is all about pleasures while the 7th house determines the marriage and the spouse of the individual. It also predicts how happy the relationship will be in the future. Second, the eighth house represents in-laws, married life, physical intimacy, and sexual pleasures. And finally, the 11th house signifies the gains, desires, and social circle of the individual. In this way, a love of yoga is formed by the union of these expressions.

Venus is the significator of sexual relations in the man's horoscope and Jupiter is the factor of sexual affairs in the woman's horoscope. At first sight, the Moon is considered to be the planet of attraction. Whereas Mars is a risk-taker planet and Rahu Ketu is the planet to move ahead by breaking tradition. That is why these planets have great importance in love marriage.

Along with the houses, the position of the planets also plays an important role in making the yoga of love. The planets Venus, Mars, Rahu, Moon, and Mercury are the ones that need to be analyzed while assessing the birth chart. Venus is the planet of love and marriage, it rules over the creative aspects of a person's life like sex, glamour, beauty, etc. It is the greatest representation of feminine energy, while Mars at the other end represents enthusiasm, excitement, energy, and passion in a relationship. It shows the internal aspects of a person toward a relationship. Rahu is a rule breaker. When Rahu interacts with the seventh house, it indicates non-traditional marriage. Whereas Moon controls our mind and mood. It is equally important to check whether the mind is strongly contributing to the relationship. And finally, mercury signifies friendship and intellectualism in a marriage relationship.


All these aspects are very important to make love yoga and if you want to calculate love yoga and see if there is any possibility of love marriage, for more accurate and all-inclusive, nearest astrological prediction center or professional Contact astrologer.

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