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What Are The Yogas Of Planets And Do They Really Have An Effect?

What Are The Yogas Of Planets And Do They Really Have An Effect?

Planetary Yogas have great importance in astrology. It is not possible to make correct predictions without the assessment of yoga.


What is Graha yoga?


When we are talking about Graha Yoga, first of all, we have to know what is Graha Yoga and how it is formed. Talking in the language of science, yoga is formed by the combination of two elements, in the same way, yoga is formed by the union of two planets. To become a planetary yoga, it is necessary to have a combination, cooperation, or relationship between at least any two planets.

According to astrology, for the formation of yoga between the planets, it is necessary to have some special conditions such as two or more planets together forming a visual relationship with each other. If any other planet comes into a particular house and makes a coincidence. The causative elements should be in an auspicious position. The karaka planet is having a relationship with the non-karaka planet. One sense is making a relationship with another. It should match with debilitated planets or it should match with auspicious planets. Yoga is formed when all or one of these conditions occurs.


Position of Planetary Combination in Birth Chart


From the time a person is born, the effects of the planets start falling on him. Good and bad results keep coming in the life of every person, it is the effect of all the planets. There are some special yogas of planets in the Kundli of every person. Through these yogas, information can be obtained about when there will be ups and downs in the life of a person. While studying yoga in the birth chart, the position of the planets that make up yoga has to be assessed very meticulously. The planet which is predominant during yoga, the fruit of it is mainly obtained.


Powerful Planet in Yoga


It is certain that when yoga is formed between the planets, then one of them is more powerful. There is a formula to calculate the powerful planet, according to which if the planets related to yoga are located in the exalted sign, then it is given five points, if it is in its own sign, then 4, if it is in the friend's zodiac, 3, if it is in the original triangle, 2 and exalted. If you want, 1. Similarly, the division of numbers is given when there is an inauspicious planetary position, such as 5 for the debilitated planet, 4 for the sinful planet, 3 if the planet is sitting in the house of the sinful planet, 2 if it is aspected by the sin planet and 1 if the malefic.

Out of the planets included in the yoga, the planet which gets more marks, in the Mahadasha of the other planet, the powerful planet is detected by taking out the results of the yoga in the Antardasha of the other planet. In this calculation, if the benefic planet gets more marks then the result is auspicious and the inauspicious planet gets the inauspicious result if the inauspicious planet gets more marks.


Importance of Planetary Combination 


want to miss the opportunity. When we reach the astrologer with our questions, we also have many subtle questions with us, which cannot be answered without the assessment of yoga. Take a similar question as an example like your question that which area of ​​life would be good for you. In answer to this question, astrologers look at the second, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses along with the second, fifth, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses, because they are related to livelihood, after which they calculate the livelihood-oriented planet.

If there is Sun at the place of livelihood, then the person becomes a high official in the government sector, but the situation changes when the Sun is combined with any other planet. Similarly, the position of other planets and the yoga formed with them gives results, so it is difficult to get an accurate answer without studying the planetary yoga at the place of livelihood.

If you try in the right direction with accurate results, you will get the best results soon without much effort. In this way, it has to be said that the yogas of planets have great importance in astrology. Without this the prediction of astrology is incomplete.




If you want to know about yoga in Kundli, talk to astrologers. Astrology can analyze your Kundli and tell you which yoga is in your Kundli.

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