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Venus Opposite Mars

Venus Opposite Mars

Venus can be defined as the planet of love, wealth, and self-worth. It is considered an expression of feminine energy and is associated with qualities such as receptivity, beauty, and grace. In astrology, Venus is related to both how we relate to others and how we relate to ourselves. This planet is associated with our financial resources and our material possessions, our values, and our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Venus is also related to listening, which includes both how we listen to ourselves and how we listen to others. Mars represents our need for independence, the way we assert ourselves, and how we initiate and go after what we want. Mars is related to passion, our instincts, and our sexual desire. Mars is all about taking immediate action without thinking twice, cutting cords, and moving forward without looking back.

Venus Opposite Mars Natal

With Venus opposite Mars, you feel the tension that leads you to learn lessons about yourself through relationship struggles. You are learning to assert your own needs and values while balancing the needs and values of those to whom you are related. This means learning to maintain your sense of independence, and taking time alone to rejuvenate, as well as being able to accept the other person's needs. That way, you'll be able to embody the integrity of your own inner values without being overwhelmed by the values of the people you're attracted to and admire. Plus, your challenges within relationships will help you learn how to put your own needs aside when it's important to give others what they need. As you learn to balance this, you will also develop the ability to successfully express your values and meet your needs through the social structures and roles that you take on within your community.

Venus Opposite Mars Synastry

The Venus opposite Mars synastry creates an intense emotional life that results in equally fiery relationships. When you love someone, you express your strong feelings through passionate and sometimes dramatic displays of affection. While this is normal for you and a sign of how much you love someone, the other person may think you are coming on too strong and feel threatened.

You are best suited for a life partner who is not too submissive, someone who matches your intense passion. You will probably experience a stormy relationship with such a partner as well. On the positive side, the quicker you let off steam, the quicker you cool down. The way you show affection can become an asset because you tend to magnify any minor irritations with just as much intensity as you do them.

Venus is a very physical planetary aspect, unlike Mars, and your high energy needs some form of release other than sex. The intense internal conflict between love and hate can result in a distinct creative style expressed in sports, art, and dance. The physicality of this aspect may also manifest as distinctive or exaggerated facial features or pronounced musculature of the body.

Venus Opposite Mars Transit

With Venus opposing your natal Mars, you may experience a time period in which relational experiences give you a stronger insight into your underlying desires and motivations. During Venus's transit opposite the Sun, you can feel that inner fire burning, forcing you to refine action and pursue your allure. Whether things work out the way you want them to or not, the process of working on your desires brings greater clarity and awareness of what you are attracted to, as well as the underlying value systems that are the source of your attraction. As you gain self-realization about the inner values that have been motivating you, you will have the opportunity to reconsider and reflect on what is really worthwhile for you to devote your time and attention to. You may find that you want to deepen your relationship with someone you are attracted to. Or perhaps you realize that new desires are beginning to emerge from within. During this time do your best to listen carefully to the needs of others as well as your inner needs.


Venus opposite Mars increases sexual attraction, physical desires and tension. In a healthy relationship, stress can be released with great enthusiasm and joy. However, anger can boil over due to selfishness or a stray look into a strained relationship. Even if you are single, you may need to keep a check on your increased passion as you may get attracted to someone with whom you are incompatible. Women or submissive men should be especially careful to avoid falling prey to over-aggressive types. If you want to know more about Venus Opposite Mars, talk to astrologers online.

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