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Sun Mahadasha for Sagittarius Ascendant

Sun Mahadasha for Sagittarius Ascendant

The natives born in the Sagittarius ascendant are tall and have muscular bodies. The physical constitution is graceful and elegant. They are characterised by round and attractive faces, black-yellow hair, sharp and bright eyes, and attractive smiles. The natives born under Sagittarius ascendant are mostly of philosophical thoughts. He has strong faith in God. They easily think or believe on the subjects of soul, God, soul, swan, Brahma, Maya, etc. Such persons are useful to friends, live close to the king, are knowledgeable, knowers of many arts, and follow the truth. Intelligent, and are of good nature.

If you are born with Sagittarius Lagna or Ascendant then the planet Sun rules the ninth house. Sun's Mahadasha is extremely beneficial as Sun rules the ninth house. The 9th house manages luck and fortune. Hence, in Sun's Mahadasha, you will have enough wealth, glory, opulence, intelligence, and friendship with powerful political people and administrative officials, etc.

You are also likely to gain authority and authority over others during Vimshottari Surya Mahadasha. Your career, profession, and business will take pride in a big way. In short, the Mahadasha of the Sun is a boon for you. If the planet Sun is debilitated or afflicted by a malefic planet, then measures should be taken to get positive results.

Result of Sun Mahadasha for Sagittarius Ascendant

The Sun God is the lord of the ninth house in this Lagna Kundli. Being Bhagyesh, he is considered to be the most powerful planet in the horoscope. The Sun God situated in the first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, and tenth houses gives auspicious results according to their capacity in their condition. The sun deities placed in the third, sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses lose their Yogyakarta and give inauspicious results in their condition. In this marriage, the auspiciousness of the sun god is enhanced by wearing a ruby.

Positive Effects of Sun Mahadasha for Sagittarius Ascendant

People born in Sagittarius ascendant are politicians, bankers, businessmen, good advisors, lawyers, professors, teachers, ascetics, or high-class preachers by profession. They put their full energy and ability into their speech. If such a person becomes a soldier, then he does not show his back in the war. They are always ready for helping poor people. He openly opposes those who unnecessarily torture others, even though he does not fail to punish them. Being self-confident, they always walk straight. Such people are far away from false ostentation, make-up, and appearance. Often people make a mistake in understanding them.

The natives of Sagittarius ascendant are justice-loving, selflessly working for everyone, knowledgeable, self-respecting, wealthy, generous-hearted, peace-loving, and understand many languages. Try to stay away from tasty food items as much as possible. Such people easily trust others but others take undue advantage of their naivety. Such people are also tough working, so they do not let the economic balance deteriorate and are punctual. It is their nature to work on time during term periods. Values time and wants others to take full care of time.

Negative Effects of Sun Mahadasha for Sagittarius Ascendant

Here the sun god will never give good results in its Mahadasha in terms of disease, loan, debt, accident, lawsuit, court case, competition, and job, this Dasha-Mahadasha will always be troubling you. Court cases-lawsuits, fights-quarrels, by giving you difficulties by getting you trapped in debt, you will find increasing the problems of your life manifold. Here Surya Dev's expenses, foreign travel, and hospital expenses will also be there. There will also be problems in the personal relationship between husband and wife. Even your share of expenditure will be so bad that you will not understand that I always get ready for more expenses than what I earn. There will be completely negative results related to the sixth house and completely inauspicious results related to the outer house will also be found.

If your luck comes in a low state, then this inter-period and Mahadasha of the sun will increase your life's fortunes many times due to troubles and troubles and your life will be filled with difficulties. Coming here in lowliness, whenever Sun's sub-period continues, there will be trouble with elder brothers and sisters, there will always be a lack of money, whatever the person does to fulfill the desire, it will never be fulfilled soon, it will have to be spent a lot.


Dhanu Lagna, the Sun God in the ninth house makes the native very lucky. Such a person gets all the pleasure in life. Enjoys all kinds of pleasures in life. The person will continue to get benefits from land, buildings, vehicles, children, and knowledge. Such a person is also lucky. Whatever work the person decides to do, whatever work he will try and work hard to do, he will definitely get a positive result. If you need detailed information about Sun Mahadasha for Dhanu Lagna, then you can get an expert astrologer's guidance through online phone consultation.

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