Sun And Venus Conjunction In 6th House

Sun And Venus Conjunction In 6th House

Sun is the most persuasive and blazing planet of all. It is considered foremost as per Vedic astrology. According to Gemini astrology sun represents the sole purpose of a human. It represents social status, power, and authority. Sun is the planet that also represents the father. The relationship with the father can also be seen through the sun. Sun is the root cause of every authority that we have, this means for all the fame and popularity one should make his sun dominant. If present in the first and tenth houses, the sun drives a person to become a leader and present himself as an authoritative person. Sun is the planet responsible for directing all other planets to behave like the lord of all other planets. It has high significance when we are examining the respect of an individual in society and social platforms.

Venus is the planet of love and affection. It plays a key role in representing the individual’s love life. We can easily predict the relationship of the native with his or her spouse by examining the planet venus. Planet venus is also a planet of beauty and softness. Healing and treating powers can also be seen by this planet. Therefore we can visualize someone having good healing qualities when we are talking about planet Venus. It helps us predict the materialism of a person. Venus also represents luxury and due to this cars and houses which are considered assets are mapped and predicted through Venus Domination. A native with good Venus will be attractive and charming as it also represents beauty. A person's generosity is also seen by the planet venus.

The sixth house is about health and work. The house predicts the physical well-being of an individual, the house shows what sort of diet you follow and how you maintain your health. The sixth house is also called the house of sickness wherein it predicts what sort of illness a particular person mare be facing and also how long the disease will persist. It also indicates your relationship with your workmates. You can get an astrology phone consultation for more information. This conjunction can also show your interest in the field of art and how you can improve it.

Positive Effects of Sun And Venus Conjunction In 6th House

  • The individual has a broad perspective and is creative in his mind. The individual is also competitive in nature and performs well.

  • The individual may be working in a big company overseas. The individual may be in the medical field too. 

  • The individual may be in the government sector and may have a niche in politics. 

  • The individual gives good advice and also has the ability to convince people through his habit. The individual is also victorious over his enemies. 

Negative Effects of Sun And Venus Conjunction In 6th House

  • The individual may be involved in malicious activities and may be earning through such illegal activities. The individual may be facing financial issues. His authorities may be the enemies.

  • The individual may be facing many health issues like eyes related issues. The individual may also have gastric problems. They may be having cardiac issues, bones related issues, and also sexual problems.

  • The individual may not have a good and satisfactory married life as they may not satisfy their wife. The individual may have external affair with another woman. The individual may frequently get into spats with his wife as his wife may be egoistic in nature.

  • The individual may have powerful enemies.


The individual may be having a lot of health issues over here so the foremost thing they need to do is make his health his priority. Exercising regularly and having a proper diet may be good options for him. The individual is intelligent as they have a job in multi-national companies but if they do not have support from authorities then working may be a tough task. The individual needs to have a polite and understanding sense of his wife. The individual should also focus on saving money so that they do not face issues in the future.

The person with Sun and Venus Conjunction should learn to accept himself and his traits as it is to enjoy what they have. Other than blaming him for what they do not have. One can ask one question to our team to get the best options available.