Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising

Beneath your charisma, your Sagittarius sun is rising in Scorpio, and your natural kindness underlies a keen intelligence, a sure instinct that tracks down the slightest weakness in others. They are a formidable enemy but a loyal friend. A born rebel, a perpetual challenger, you need an independent business and partner! Your tremendous energy is focused on passionate outbursts of intense, frantic love. Your life is anything but quiet.

Your likes and dislikes are very strong. You have a highly developed ability to criticize, you are sarcastic and ruthless towards your opponents. You have a rich imagination, and you are impatient and short-tempered, although your anger does not last long. Strong willpower does not let you back down in the face of obstacles. You have some siblings, or maybe you are the only child in the family. You have a good relationship with your father, but he may be affected by failures which may affect you. Your relatives are usually interested in your well-being and make every possible effort to support you.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Blessed with a generous, available, and open personality, you appreciate exchanges because they are a source of both playfulness and deep learning. Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Rising, You are very wholesome and open to the outside world, you never give up on your inner life and enjoy living a meaningful life. Intuitively, you have a very good perception which allows you to identify and exploit your opponents' weaknesses.

Passionate, thorough, in all areas of your life, you want perfection. You have a strong, independent, and courageous personality with a strong need to surpass yourself. Possessing a strong magnetism and natural authority, you impose yourself without even raising your voice. Outspoken and critical, in a permanent challenge, you are rebellious and provocative.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising Woman

Sagittarius Sun rising in Scorpio are generous in spending, often even extravagant, they hate prudence and, in general, every little thing causes their protest. They are ready to make sacrifices and expect the same from others. Therefore, their thinking is very subjective, so they cannot be impartial arbiters, and their biases and prejudices are very large. Although her desire for research is insatiable, he still writes with passion, putting forward theses and styling them according to religious texts.

They appreciate old and historical cultural values. They are willing to go to the ruins and take part in excavations, hoping to trace the stages of evolution. They are challenged from without, ready on occasion to destroy the body or, metaphorically speaking, to burn themselves in public. They are limitless, immense.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising Man

A man with Sun in Sagittarius and rising in Scorpio sets high goals for himself, which requires energy. They work tirelessly for overall development. They are surprisingly fighting for common interests, however, sometimes they declare it even more.

Conversations about programs tend to be loud and sound elitist. There is a great need for importance, although he does not say this without a smile. They bear diseases badly. Often they get pampered by life, and then they do not want to let change happen. This is not possible, but they are trying for it.

Sagittarius Sun and Scorpio Rising Compatibility

This person in love will want a deep, sensual, and exciting lover. Scorpio people are intense and private. Sagittarius is more laid-back and independent, so this person can fluctuate between wanting space and wanting to connect deeply with another. Taurus rules their 7th house of love and commitment, so their ideas about what they want in a partner can be quite rigid. They will be very solid and reliable in love and will enjoy relationships that are sensual and nurturing. Tauruses will make stable partners, but they may be a little too rigid for this adventurous spirit, so perhaps a fellow Sag would work better!

Pisces will also be an excellent match, as this sign rules their 5th house, and they will have a lot of fun together. Aries and Leo will work best as business partners, and Virgo will only want to be friends. Capricorn or Scorpio will be easy to get along with, and they may want to build a future with Aquarius (provided Aquarius has some planets in the Water or Earth signs). There can be many differences between a Gemini and a Cancer or Libra can help them expand their mind.


Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, your love life is filled with many worries and self-questions. You let yourself be swept away by your impulses, and then you regain control. Over time, you become calmer and more collected, and your love life stabilizes. In love, you always ask yourself important questions, but the answers often come too late. There's a gap between your desires and your certainties. Emotional tests are opportunities for internal enrichment, allowing you to expand your understanding beyond appearances, and gaining knowledge.

Your unpredictable nature means that your romantic life is never simple. In fact, you are a complex person and when you have the possibility of moving towards a serious commitment, you hold back because of your fears and your worries. When you find love, you are dynamic, even hyperactive, and you begin to impose your rhythm of life on your other half. On a daily basis, you need to be captivated, captivated by your lover. That's right, you can't afford boredom and if you fall into habits, you question your relationship.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you are passionately devoted to work and pleasure, so you are to blame for most of your illnesses. You are prone to gall bladder disease, inflammatory diseases of internal organs and poisoning, fever, and injuries as a result of careless handling of hot or sharp objects. The right hand is particularly vulnerable, and the eyes may become damaged as a result of an illness or accident. In general, your health is in your hands, so try to develop a sense of measure.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are ambitious and with time will undoubtedly achieve a good position in life. In youth, your life path will not be strewn with roses, but in mature years you will achieve prosperity. You may also be successful in travel, legal issues, marriage, and with the help of relatives. Possibly, you will have two sources of income and two completely different businesses. Your profession may be connected with military or naval affairs, government service as well as accounting and banking. It doesn't matter which path you choose in life, you will be successful in any field.

You have a tremendous capacity for work and you need to go deep into your projects. With the Sagittarius Sun rising in Scorpio, you are methodical, organized, and very efficient. In addition, you are an excellent warrior and competitor, which means you know how to distract your bosses or coworkers so that they take an interest in you. They like to stand out and think outside the box.

With the Sagittarius Sun rising in Scorpio, you quickly become aware of the essential role of money and make it a point of honor to be self-reliant in this regard. Your desires are strong and expressed with passion. You have great material and financial ambitions. Willing, determined, and resourceful, you have the potential to start your own business. You prefer to work autonomously, giving only yourself credit for what you have. You know that hard work is necessary to achieve the material security you desire.


You have few obstacles on your way to success, because you have a secret weapon, so secret that you can't even find it. You are very proud of any power you manage to attain, and you have probably ruined many people's lives to gain influence. You are sarcastic, bitter, and selfish. You also have a frightening ability to enter into other people's thoughts, while remaining aloof, and maintaining an impenetrable expression. But for you, the fact that the warehouse of your mind is so disturbing to others remains a complete mystery. You always want to win. Your evil mind is capable of hatching unimaginable conspiracies, and it is easier to push the tank out of the way than to talk to you. In love, you resort to illegal methods and use intimidation where there is no temptation. If you want to know more about Sagittarius Sun Scorpio rising then talk to astrology.

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