Mars Opposite Venus

Mars Opposite Venus

Mars is a force, while Venus is a rigid one. Their opposite energies can combine to create a harmonious blend. These two partners can help each other grow faster by mirroring each other's strengths and weaknesses. The boldness and drive of the Mars person encourage the Venus person, who usually takes a long time to take action. Also, the Venus person's seductive ways and gentle Mars nature can feel like a safe harbor.

Mars helps Venus come out of her shell, inspiring them to aim higher, chase their wildest dreams, be more spontaneous, and step out of their comfort zones. The Mars person is passionate and enthusiastic that this prevents the Venus person from falling into a monotonous routine, balancing the tendency for self-indulgence. A lack of motivation can cause a Venus person to lose focus quickly, be too self-confident, or procrastinate. Mars has a tremendous amount of passion and inspiration, which is very beneficial for keeping its Venus partner on track.

Mars Opposite Venus Natal

You probably fear that you must curtail your own pleasures in order to behave in a restrained or restrained manner for the sake of others. It's not that you're always a lustful creature who's down for the first delicious dish that comes your way. But you don't like being told who you should like, or when. For example, if you come from a very religious family, you may struggle with your sexual nature. Similarly, it is difficult to catch your romantic and blissful rhythm with others because there is always some push and shove going on between you. You might think that things would be much easier with others if they just agreed to do what you want! Yet, when you recognize and respect that you can negotiate what you want without demands, ultimatums, or deceit, you end up in a more beautiful and calmer relationship. They can be free and clear with love expressed honestly and without fear of constant rejection.

Mars Opposite Venus Synastry

Although known to be a challenging aspect, the opposition is not necessarily wrong. In fact, most of the time, they present opportunities to grow, with Venus representing the emotional and peaceful partner who always strives for harmony, while Mars is the directive match who represents the physical aspect of the relationship. As a result, Venus is submissive and Mars is more dominant.

If the relationship followed traditional roles, Venus would be the female and Mars would be the male. But if this relationship breaks out of the mold and follows opposite styles. Venus Opposite Mars synastry couples experience an intense connection with a rollercoaster of emotions and attraction. The Mars person is attracted to the beauty of the Venus person, while the Venus person is sexually attracted to the drive of Mars.  But even though lovers share a strong romantic and sexual attraction, they often feel that their bond is unstable. If the relationship hits a rough patch, the two can become competitive, and jealous.

If this opposition becomes too polarizing, they will end up fighting over little things. Even the sexual and romantic aspects of their relationship would push the couple to the breaking point. But if the couple separates, they will spend their lives yearning for the same attraction and sexual connection that was between them.

Mars Opposite Venus Transit

You tend to get what you want now, and you're not too happy about playing nice to get it. In fact, playing well is a game that you are not inclined to play anymore. Still, there's a difference between boldly going for what you want and "coming close". Being nice about what you want can be one way to keep the peace. Still, what you probably want most is to let some sort of wild animal out that has been tamed for too long. A manifestation of this animal can be sexual, but it can also appear from your hunger or anything else that incites you to ecstasy and pleasure. You may be more forthright now, but you don't need to disturb the peace.


Venus is a kindred spirit to Mars. Also, Venus helps Mars to balance their work-life time. Venus will soften the sharp edges of Mars and bring a sense of peace and harmony to the Mars person that they may not have experienced before. Venus will also help Mars rekindle old matters that Mars's fast and furious demeanor may have put off in the past. If you want to know more about the Mars Opposite Venus, then talk to astrologers online.

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