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Mars Opposite Saturn

Mars Opposite Saturn

Unlike Saturn which is born, Mars takes a lot of effort to master. For any karmic reason involving violence, you must fight hard to get what you want out of life. A certain amount of frustration may be experienced before you can enjoy the satisfaction of fulfilling your most cherished desires.

You may be forced to compete for your fair share. More often than not, your wants and needs will be blocked out by someone else's. However, sometimes an unfortunate incident will block your way. Anger is the first step because this conjunction of both malefic planets can be bad and malefic.

Time is very important in dealing with your anger. You hold anger for too long, which is not good for your health. Still, it would be best to take the time to sort out your feelings and plan a course of action. You can find the right mix of patience and initiative with time and experience.

Mars Opposite Saturn Natal

You are often tasked with figuring out how to express your personal authority against or with another. When you don't get your due, frustration builds up and usually turns into anger. It doesn't matter whether your anger or the other's anger is justified or not, or whether the other person abused his authority. What matters most is how you meet that impasse. This confrontation is mostly a test of character as you have to face adversity without losing emotional control and your personal sovereignty. In other words, you have to find some disciplined ways to channel your energy instead of letting your emotions run away with you. Likewise, you must learn to be more patient with your progress, not focusing on what others have or don't have. If you keep going, you have to believe that your prize and victory are waiting for you.

Mars Opposite Saturn Synastry

Mars opposite to Saturn transit brings disappointment, and anger. Frustration comes from other people standing in your way, and frustration comes from unfulfilled desires. Expressing the resulting resentment is challenging and therefore requires patience and self-discipline.

Even without fighting opponents, you can be your own worst enemy. This reduced or slow energy transit can make you feel weak, inadequate, unattractive, or impotent. It's a marathon, not a sprint. There may be a tendency to drug abuse, so don't beat yourself up.

Personal attacks can be harmful at this time and can bring out a mean streak in you. Others may maliciously try to harm your reputation or career, and jealousy, hatred, or envy may be due to karmic reasons. Other people may be angry with you or act in a bad way to block you, lock you out, or take something away from you. 

Such opposition can make you depressed. That's why it's important not to let negativity take over because of the potential for self-abuse. constantly working on your self-esteem through a positive attitude and physical exercise. Muscle strength and confidence will scare off a lot of people who could potentially hurt you.

Mars Opposite Saturn Transit

You must be patient with yourself and others as you face many trials to see how ready and determined you are to move forward with your life purpose and goals. You are probably tempted to lament over a basic injustice against you. For example, you are upset about being passed over for promotion again. Or you feel trapped and alone in life. You are likely to step back from your position in some way and realize that your challenges are not entirely incidental. Think of this transit as uncovering any gaps in your way of better understanding yourself, your goals, and others. Maybe, for example, you naively shared too much information with one of your co-workers, and now they're way ahead of you. The lesson is not to be selfish but to be more observant and prudent. Likewise, you may have to embrace all the ways you haven't kept up with your personal and professional development.


Physical activity that teaches self-discipline is the ultimate positive expression of this aspect. Martial arts or boxing will do wonders for your self-esteem, and such activities also burn off accumulated negative energy like anger and hatred. As a youth, you may have had trouble with authority figures such as your father, teachers, and the police. If so, they may have taught you valuable lessons in self-control and anger management. As a result, you can become a master of discipline, patience and determination. If you want to know more about the Mars Opposite Saturn, then talk to astrologers online.

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