Is The Issue Of Childbirth Haunting You?

Is The Issue Of Childbirth Haunting You?

Marriage is a very crucial unifying experience in our lives. However, it is said that having a kid completes a family. Without a kid, a couple's life becomes challenging. The birth of a child is a significant event in Indian culture since it marks the dawn of a new generation. Having a child is seen as a valuable blessing from Heaven. When it comes to childbirth, we occasionally run into issues and problems. Though advances in medicine have decreased these issues to some degree, there are still instances where people do not achieve success despite medical intervention. Astrology as a proven science or  Online consultation to study your Horoscope Can Be Beneficial in Such Situations. Scientific methods can assist you in coping with your maternity concerns, but they can be costly in many ways. As a result, Delay in Child Birth Astrology becomes the most important and powerful tool for dealing with astrological cures for child birth issues.


Astrology and Childbirth 


According to Vedic religious faith, a family's inability to have a child or a couple's inability to have a child is due to the husband's or his family's acts in the past birth. Child astrology is a branch that predicts the birth of a child and is especially useful for couples who are facing delays or issues during childbirth. The second house of the zodiac indicates family, the eleventh house and the Fifth house of the zodiac stands for children and hence, the transition of the planets and other celestial bodies in the above-mentioned zodiacs is widely affected by childbirth and pregnancy. Jupiter is a powerful planet that influences pregnancy and delivery. However, if Jupiter is in either of the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses, it might make childbirth difficult.


Good planetary synergy for childbirth 


The optimal timing for pregnancy is determined by a variety of criteria based on an analysis of several events in both the husband's and wife's horoscopes which would be difficult to predict for the layman and hence, you can surely opt-out for the online consultation to an astrologer. In general, some favorable celestial planetary combinations in the couple's horoscope are thought to be the best for delivering. Malefic planets transiting in at least one of the couple's horoscopes, for example, should not be placed in the 5th house. The beneficent planets that are situated in the 5th house must not be in a malefic planet's Nakshatra. Certain Doshas (Flaws) that cause complications during birthing must not be present in either of the couple's Kundalis. According to childbirth Astrology, Mrigasira, Anuradha, Hasta, Shravanam, Dhanistha, and Satabhisha are very fortunate nakshatras for conception. 


Unfortunate planetary synergy for childbirth 


When malefic like Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are active in the Mahadasha, Dasha, or Antardasha, and especially when they traverse or facet the 5th house, they signal a tumultuous pregnant time with a possibility of abortion/miscarriage. The position, perspective, and passage of Mars are all carefully examined to determine whether the kid will be born naturally or by surgery. If one of the couple's horoscopes has a Dosha (a fault in the native's horoscope's conjunction of planets), various events/aspects of life, including delivery, are likely to be negatively impacted. Wearing unfavorable zodiacs will cause complications during childbirth.


Solution and guidance for Childbirth 


Nevertheless, the medical field and science have solved almost all the problems related to childbirth. It might not work well with everyone in terms of other health issues of the mother or in terms of the affordability of the family to pursue such medical treatment. But astrology is a proven science that has been solving the issue of childbirth since the Vedic Era and hence, people facing the issue of childbirth must opt-out for astrological solutions by online consultation/ consulting trustworthy, reliable, and well-known astrologers. Although everyone tries their best to understand certain aspects of Astrology and might have some basic knowledge, certain specific things or crucial planetary movements will always be unique in every horoscope. Therefore, it is always advisable that solutions related to childbirth must be considered only after looking at your individual kundali and personalized advice from a learned astrologer. The personal Kundali or the individual birth chart of the couple will reveal true facts. You can also take online astrology consultation to solve child birth issues.

“You being here might be the divine message from the universe that you are just a step away from getting a solution to your childbirth problems!!” Wishing you happiness.

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