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Full Moon April 2024: Pink Moon 2024

Full Moon April 2024: Pink Moon 2024

On April 23, the Pink Moon of Spring will occur in the emotionally deep Scorpio. It falls in square with the Moon, and so, this already passionate period is about to become even more intense. Water signs will be affected by the Moon's passion. This will be a difficult time for all zodiac signs as the secrets they may have kept hidden from those close to them may come out, creating an uncomfortable situation for everyone. But, overall, it will also allow them to start fresh and bring about change.

April 2024 Full Moon Date

The full Moon of April 2024 is on Tuesday 23rd April.

Pink Moon 2024

April's full moon, also known as the "Pink Moon", is believed to be named after "wild ground phlox", a type of flower that has pink petals. These names reflect the seasonal changes occurring in nature at the time of the Pink Moon. The Sprouting Grass Moon marks the new growth of grass in the spring, the Egg Moon marks the time when birds begin laying eggs, and the Fish Moon marks the beginning of fishing season.

The Full Moon period is a time for the manifestation of your past intentions. What you have sown earlier can be reaped during this moonrise. Six months before this lunar eclipse there was a Scorpio New Moon, and your intentions, thoughts, and actions at that time are connected in some way to what you will see reflected in this phase of your life. On the one hand, one cycle stops, but another begins.

April Full Moon 2024 Astrology

The Scorpio Full Moon is a time of death and rebirth, intensity, extremes, and heightened sensitivity. It is also good for focus, sex, and mental work because of the deep emotions and desires brought about by Scorpio. Since sensitivity is heightened, it is a wonderful time to connect and feel especially deeply. Opinions and emotions are intense and penetrating during the Scorpio Full Moon. Strong desires, especially sexual desires, deepen as emotions reach their peak.

Be careful of emotional resentment, as this is a time when past emotions can surface and block your intensely creative energy, so fight the urge to be suspicious, secretive, and moody. There is a lot of energy to get things done and focus on certain areas where you find yourself too scattered to deal with the last cycle. Now take time out for relaxation also.

Full Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio asks us to confront our deepest feelings. We can change any energy, emotion, or behavior. We can transform darkness into light and stress into relaxation. We can heal the most painful wounds and transform them into wisdom, and we can weather any storm with ease. The key to working with this energy is to be willing to feel. This full moon asks us to put away our logical minds. This reminds us that when we analyze our emotions, we only prolong them. We need to feel the change, and that means slowing down, courageously looking inward, and holding space for any energy to rise from our subconscious. The energy of Scorpio is so intense that it brings us back to the present moment. It asks us to stop in our tracks, turn our attention away from distractions, and face our inner reality.

Fourth Full Moon 2024 Effect on all Zodiac Signs

Aries Full Moon April 2024

Aries people will assess their relationship with their significant other during this time. The pink moon phase will either bring the two of you closer with passionate declarations of love and even marriage proposals or drive you apart. If you're in an uncertain situation with your partner, it may be time to step back and reevaluate.

Taurus Full Moon April 2024

This may prove to be a very volatile time for Taurus people on the professional front. You may be too busy finishing any ongoing work or taking on more work. If you are planning to resign during this phase, something better may come your way. If you're unemployed, this full moon is the perfect time to gain new skills or spend some time away.

Gemini Full Moon April 2024

For Gemini people, the full moon in April can be romantic and beneficial in finding new hobbies. Your energy levels are likely to be high and you may do sports or any other physical activity. If you're single, the pink moon of 2024 is the perfect time to find that special someone.

Cancer Full Moon April 2024

This is one of those moon phases where the past can come back to haunt you. Cancer may feel a storm of emotions, as memories about family, heritage, and upbringing may come flooding back. It is important to keep an eye on any particular parenting or family situations during this time. The Pink Moon may also usher in matters related to real estate and cause you to relocate.

Leo Full Moon April 2024

Don't have any hesitation during this full moon period. Leo people will experience a burst of creativity and will be inspired to share their ideas with everyone. This is an important time to focus on your writing and communication skills.

Virgo Full Moon April 2024

Virgo people may expect an increase in income new jobs or additional hustle. This full moon presents an opportunity to analyze your budget and make more money. Apart from serving as a good period of wealth and security, it can also be a time to discover better prospects.

Libra Full Moon April 2024

The Full Moon in April is truly a powerful force for Libra – this is your time. If you are working on some special work then there is a possibility of getting its results now.

Scorpio Full Moon April 2024

The Scorpio man may feel the urge to take a step back and slow things down. The Pink Moon of 2024 will create the need to go for a break and take your mind off things. This season is also an ideal time to explore and leave your worries behind. It would be good for you to follow the calling of your heart.

Sagittarius Full Moon April 2024

The full Pink Moon will act as a catalyst to boost Sagittarius' social life and take the zodiac's focus away from work. There will be many enjoyable events to meet best friends during this period. This can also fill the atmosphere with some romance for the people of this zodiac sign, so be careful.

Capricorn Full Moon April 2024

The full moon in April will shed light on your career prospects. Therefore, a promotion or new job offer may be possible. During this lunar phase, Capricorns should look at the bigger picture – focus on what you have achieved so far and introspect for new ideas and what's next.

Aquarius Full Moon April 2024

For Aquarius, the Pink Moon of 2024 is a period of expanding boundaries. You may be wondering what's next to look forward to. However, for some people, it may mean going back to basics and scrapping a project. This is also a time to consider religious aspects and travel.

Pisces Full Moon April 2024

For Pisces, the Full Moon can be a precarious situation, as it may put you in a position to uncover the truth – in both your career and romantic relationships. You and your partner may be getting closer than ever. It is also important to reevaluate your assets during this phase.


Scorpio Full Moon is favorable for changing any aspect of your life that you want. Since the Sun is in Taurus your outlook is practical and productive. On the other hand, arrogance or a rebellious attitude will harm you. If you want to know more about the Full Moon in Scorpio then you can talk to astrologers.

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