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Chandra Grahan 2023: Lunar Eclipse 2023

Chandra Grahan 2023: Lunar Eclipse 2023

An eclipse is an important astronomical event. According to Hindu mythology, the eclipse is considered inauspicious. In 2023, the first lunar eclipse of the year is going to happen soon. It cuts off the sunlight from the moon. During these events, the Moon may turn red, orange, brown, or disappear altogether. Eclipse is considered inauspicious in Hinduism and astrology. The time of the solar and lunar eclipse is considered the Sutak period. It is necessary to follow some rules during Sutak. Let us know when the first lunar eclipse of the year 2023 will take place.

When Will The First Lunar Eclipse Of The Year 2023 Take Place?

The first lunar eclipse of the year is going to happen on May 5, Friday. And before that, the first solar eclipse will take place on 20 April, Thursday. In such a situation, the solar and lunar eclipses in 15 days are going to have a great impact on people's lives.

Eclipse Viewing Time In India

First lunar eclipse The first lunar eclipse of 2023 will take place on 5 May. Its Sutak period will not be valid in India. The eclipse will start at 8:45 pm and end at 1:00 am. The eclipse will last for a total of 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Will Sutak Be Used In India?

According to astrology, the Sutak period starts 12 hours before the solar eclipse and 9 hours before the lunar eclipse. The Sutak period is considered an inauspicious time, in which doing any auspicious work is prohibited. Like a lunar eclipse will not be visible in India. Although the doors of the temple are closed during Sutak. During this time eating and drinking are prohibited. Especially pregnant women are advised to take precautions. At the same time, the lunar eclipse will have an effect on 12 zodiac signs.

Where Will The Lunar Eclipse Be Seen?

The first lunar eclipse of the year will be visible from the Indian Ocean, Antarctica, the Atlantic, parts of Asia, South-Western Europe, Africa, and the Pacific Ocean.

The Special Effect Of The Lunar Eclipse On Different Zodiac Signs


Due to the influence of the lunar eclipse, the natural tendency of the natives of Aries to be subtle, kind, and innocent can be under control. Although this is not a good sign. You should not compromise with your basic nature. Present yourself to the world as you are. 


This lunar eclipse will not bring any special news to you. Obstacles may arise in the way of your success, it will be very difficult to choose the right career field. In the field in which you are already working, you will feel difficulties in working with enthusiasm. Time will not be appropriate for the students. They may feel that there is something wrong with the current curriculum.


The lunar eclipse will improve the creative skills of the native of Gemini. With its help, you can shape your future and give a new direction to your career. Your creative skills will be recognized in front of people and will be appreciated a lot.


Due to the lunar eclipse, there will be an impact on your domestic happiness and personal property. Due to the lunar eclipse in some people of the Cancer zodiac, feelings of disinterest, lack of emotions, and feelings of despair and frustration will also be seen. However, your social reputation will remain intact.


During this time period, a different understanding of seeing everything, events, etc. will develop inside the people of the Leo zodiac. This quality will be beneficial for these people.


The lunar eclipse will give you the understanding to understand and know your needs. Because of this, you will be able to prioritize your needs at the right time. This can bring ease to your life.


The Lunar eclipse will affect your emotions. You will do everything emotionally. In some respects, it may be correct. But working in a practical way is very important in life.


During this time there will be balance in your life. Along with this, you will be able to understand many aspects of your life in a better way. This thing will be very useful in moving forward in life.


The people of this zodiac would love to reconcile with the people. Also, these people will understand the importance of friends and organization. It gives the right signals to maintain your relationships.


New opportunities for success will come in your career. There will be a possibility of an increase in salary and new responsibilities that will come to you in the form of promotion, you will fulfill them well.


Due to the lunar eclipse, the people of Aquarius will have to make tireless efforts in their lives. This will not only be necessary for a job or business, but it will also become very important in personal life.


The Lunar eclipse will bring mixed results for you. If there will be ups and downs in your life, some good things will also happen. Well, you need not worry as this will pass soon and everything will be back to normal once the eclipse is over.


In the year 2023, the first lunar eclipse is going to happen on Buddha Purnima in the month of May. Before the lunar eclipse, on April 10, the first solar eclipse of the year will take place. According to religious beliefs, an eclipse occurs when Rahu and Ketu try to consume the Sun or the Moon. The story of Rahu and Ketu is related to the nectar that came out after the churning of the ocean. When a lunar eclipse occurs in our country, it is visible and its Sutak period is valid. To know more about the lunar eclipse take an astrology phone consultation.

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