Best Direction To Sleep According To Astrology

Best Direction To Sleep According To Astrology

It is said that sleep is essential for good health. But many things should be kept in mind even while sleeping, hardly a few people know this. After a long day's work, when you sleep at night, the place where you find your eyes falls there as soon as you lie down. While sleeping, we do not take care of the direction in which we should sleep with our head and towards which direction our head is. Often we ignore these things, but do you know that these small things also have an effect on our life? The importance of enough sleep is well explained in science.


Benefits Of Sleeping Facing South


Astrology says that if a person sleeps with their head in the south direction, then their health remains good. Not only this, but they also stay away from many types of diseases. It is said that by sleeping with feet in the south direction, the magnetic current enters through the feet and leaves the head. Due to this mental tension increases and the mind feels heavy when you wake up in the morning.


Keep Head Towards The East


You can also sleep with your head in the east and your feet in the west as the sun rises from the east. At the same time, the Sun is also called the giver of life. In such a situation, sleeping with feet in the east is not auspicious.


Important Things About Sleeping 


Sleep is related to physical and mental health. Rishis and sages have made rules before sleeping.

  • Sleeping in the evening is prohibited in the scriptures.

  • To stay fit, one should eat two hours before sleeping. So that the person does not suffer stomach problems.

  • If there is no more important work then one should not wake up till late at night.    

  • It is said that before sleeping the mind should be calm and the attention of God is necessary.


What Should Be The Sleeping Direction And Bed Location?


The bed should not be placed under any overhead beams or any other type of object, including windows, which may obstruct the flow of energy. The bed should be placed directly in front of the wall such that the door is visible but should not be placed in a straight line. One should not sleep with feet toward the door.


In Which Direction Should I Sleep Scientifically?


Based on some scientific studies, humans may be sensitive to the Earth's magnetic energy. Sleeping with the head facing south has been found to significantly reduce blood pressure and improve sleep quality.

On the other hand, sleeping with the head facing north puts pressure on the brain due to the magnetic pull, which can affect the body. The head acts like the North Pole, so sleeping facing north is not recommended.

Thus keeping in mind the effect of the earth's magnetic fields on our body, the south direction is good for sleeping.

To ensure good sleep quality and promote good health, it is important to know which direction of sleep is right for everyone. Experts say that certain sleeping positions are prescribed for people with concerns. For example, sleeping on your side is considered good for people with back or neck pain.

Sleeping on the left side is recommended as it facilitates breathing and improves body functions. Many people wonder on which side it is appropriate to sleep according to astrology predictions. Here, it is important to note that because you want a comfortable position to sleep in, you must remember the direction suggested by Vastu for sleeping.

So, in which direction is it right for everyone to sleep scientifically in India? One should consider the correct direction of sleeping in the Northern Hemisphere, which is East or South.

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