Simple Astrological Ways To Attract Money In Life

Simple Astrological Ways To Attract Money In Life

Money is the basic necessity in a person’s life to meet his day-to-day needs. Everyone needs money for leading a good life. When a person is financially secure, he feels confident and has respect in society and among friends and family. He can provide a good education for his children and his family stays happy. Every person tries hard to earn more money so that he can provide all happiness to his family. Economic hardship and financial distress can have devastating effects on families, which in the long run strains the relationships. In tough times, many families lose their jobs, savings, etc and make losses in business too, thereby losing their money and peace of mind in such times if proper financial planning, wealth creation, and saving of sufficient funds are not done at the right time, then they will have to regret and face hardships. 

There are many people who work hard and for long hours, yet they don’t make sufficient money even to make ends meet. This may be due to blocked chakras, evil eye, planetary positions, etc. Most of them carry on with their lives engrossed in their routine while some others look for help to understand their problems and try to overcome the obstacles to a better life. Astrology wealth prediction can give a proper insight into such situations and also advise simple yet effective remedies. To get rid of such difficult situations and to help to attract wealth the following are some of the widely prescribed astrological tips to help you to attract wealth,

How To Attract Money Astrology


Make a lucky charm herbal sachet containing mint leaves, bay leaf, Basil leaf, Eggshells, Fern and Pink salt, etc. Put all the above ingredients into a container, and focus on your positive intention to attract money. Then light a green candle, hold it into the container and say, “I have money, I attract money”. Then blow out the candle after some time and put all the ingredients in the sachet. Keep it in your wallet or wherever you keep your money. This has to be performed on the full harvest moon, because of its abundance and prosperity properties.


Home Remedies To Attract Money

    • The sacred Tulsi plant is universally known for its purity and divinity. Keeping a Tulsi plant in the house and lighting a ghee-filled mud-lamp near it every day will please goddess Lakshmi and bless you with wealth and prosperity.

    • Place the cash locker or cash cupboard in the south and ensure that it opens in the north, in the direction of Lord Kubera.

    • Place a Kubera Yantra on a red piece of cloth in your place of worship and pray every day. This will please lord Kubera and you will be blessed with abundant wealth. 

    • Make donations in white, like rice, flour, etc.

    • Helping the needy with a part of your earnings every month will earn you the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

    • Never cheat and always be honest in your dealings because money earned through wrong means never stays.

    • Another way to attract wealth is by hanging a wind chime outside your home.


    • Growing a money plant in the house also attracts money.



The above are some of the most commonly followed practices advised by astrologers. These practices have really helped people to overcome their financial difficulties by attracting money. When a person is able to overcome financial constraints through astrology, it gives them a sense of confidence and peace of mind and in turn, he succeeds in keeping their family happy. If you want a solution for all kinds of money-related problems, then talk to astrologers.

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