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Astrological Tips that Help in Improving the Relationship

Astrological Tips that Help in Improving the Relationship

In a family where there is love and brotherhood among the family members, there is always prosperity along with happiness in that house. And on the contrary, if there is a fight between the family members, there is a domestic crisis, and poverty starts coming into the house. In fact, in astrology, the formation and development of relationships is the game of the planets. Let us know which planet is related to which relationship and what are the ways to improve it.


The Sun God is Related to The Father


Sun is related to their father. If a person does not respect their father, argues with them verbally, or spoils relations with him due to ideological differences, then they directly weaken their Sun. The personality of the father of the native can also be known by looking at the position of the Sun in the horoscope.

Remedy: To please the Sun God, offer water to the Sun God every day at the time of sunrise. Wear one Mukhi Rudraksha. Chant the Beej Mantra of Suryadev every Sunday at the time of Surya Puja. Also, respect your father.


Chandra Dev is Related to The Mother


Just as the Sun is related to the father, in the same way, the mother's relation is considered to be with the Moon God. According to astrology, a bad relationship with the mother has a bad effect on the moon. It is a very natural fact that it is not good to misbehave with the mother who gave birth to you and raised you after taking all the difficulties.

Remedy: Serve mother. Along with this, worship Lord Shiva on Monday. Wearing white-colored clothes on Monday also strengthens the position of the Moon God in the horoscope.


Relationship of Mars With Family



In relationship astrology, Mangal Dev is considered to be related to brother and sister. Good relation with siblings cures Mars. A good Mars also strengthens your relationship with your circle of friends, in which the number of young friends and associates is high.

Remedy: If you have a bad relationship with your siblings, first of all, try to have dinner together with your siblings. Worship Hanuman ji on Tuesday and wear red colored clothes.


Mercury is Related to the People of Nanihal Paksha


In astrology, the people of the maternal house are considered from Mercury. If the people of the maternal house are not respected then Mercury becomes weak. Keep good relations with the people of the maternal house.

Remedy: Donate green things on Wednesday. Bring a plant from your maternal house and plant it in your house. Worship Ganapati Maharaj. Wear green clothes on Wednesday.


Grandparents and Old People are Related to Devguru Brihaspati


Devguru Brihaspati is related to the elderly people of the house like grandparents. It also gives information about the older people in your life. If your relationship with your grandparents is going bad, then understand that the position of Guru Dev in your horoscope is not auspicious.

Remedy: Be sure to respect your grandparents and elders. Give them clothes and sweets as gifts from time to time. Wear yellow clothes on Thursday. Make sure to apply yellow sandalwood or turmeric tilak on the forehead.


A Life Partner is Considered From the Planet Venus


In astrology, Shukradev is related to a life partner. If your relationship with your life partner is sweet, then understand that Shukradev is in an auspicious position in your horoscope. In such a situation, wealth-glory and happiness-prosperity will come to your home.

Remedy: Do respect your life partner for the strength of Shukradev. Do not impose your views on them. Do joint worship of Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi at home. Use white or pink color on Friday.


Shani Dev is Related to Servants


The servants of the house are related to Shani Maharaj. If your relationship deteriorates with your servants or servants, then the position of Saturn in the horoscope becomes weak.

Remedy: Do not exploit your servants. Pay for their hard work on time. Offer mustard oil for Shani Maharaj on Saturday. Use black color on this day.


Every planet has a special quality. A relation similar to that quality is influenced by that planet. If the planet related to the relationship becomes weak, then the relationship gets spoiled. If a relationship becomes weak, then the related planet also becomes weak. If any planet is bad in the horoscope, then by correcting the relationship related to it, we can correct the planet. If you want to know more about it, then talk to the Astrologer.

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