Your 87 year old Ganesha devotee agrees and endorses Sumit Paul’s proclamation that Tenzing and Hillary defied Astrology (Times of India, May 29, 2017). Nothing is final. Change is inevitable. Many times change leads to revolution and evolution. Also we Indians do not say astrology. We say Jyotishi, that is Jyot = light and Ish = God. Therefore Jyotishi is the light of God. The hard core fact which perhaps most of us do not know is that we Indians do acknowledge, “Those who know Astrology can only indicate in a way what will take place in future. Who else, except the Creator Brahma, can say with certainty what will definitely happen!” In other words we acknowledge the distinct possibility of predictions going wrong.


There is a marked difference between Indian and Western Astrology. Indian astrology says destiny is character. Western astrology says character is destiny. Character is destiny means by our tastes, temperament, training, environment, upbringing the force and power of our personality born out of our own experiences and insights we shape our own future. I have seen that this is true.


To me at least astrology is magic. The why of events happening rightly escapes me but I have most certainly come correct with Moorarji Desai, Vajpayee, Narendra Modi. While studying in college my friend Vinod Joshi took me to his father Dahyabhai Joshi an astrologer. Dahyabhai said, “You will fly high the flag of Indian astrology in the world. But that is not because you are intelligent or proficient or the greatest ever in astrology. It is just your karma and dharma. Therefore thank the good Lord, be humble and if and when you go wrong have the guts to admit that you are only human. Believe me Bejan you will be one of the greatest astrologers the world has ever seen if you do what I say.” I never had the courage to ask him how he could predict this for me. Soon afterwards Dahyabhai Joshi died. To me the planets are energies. Each in a world of its own and yet influencing the other planets. It is in the combination and the Synthesis of all the planets that the mystery and magic of predictions lie. But the real purpose of astrology to me at least is not in the predictions. We all know the dictum, “physician heal thyself”. The second much less known dictum is, “astrologer know thyself”. Just to whet your appetite I am putting it in a nutshell. Aries signifies “I am”, Taurus signifies “I have”, Gemini signifies “I think”, Cancer signifies “I feel”, Leo signifies “I will”, Virgo signifies “I analyze”, Libra signifies “I balance”, Scorpio signifies “I desire”, Sagittarius signifies “I perceive”, Capricorn signifies “I use”, Aquarius signifies “I know”, Pisces signifies “I believe”.


12 months therefore 12 signs. These 12 signs make the horoscope. In these 12 signs all that is in the world is amassed together in a rational manner. Truly amazing. Also there is a sign for reincarnation, karma, death and the afterlife. Right or wrong I do not know frankly speaking. But the very creativity of it all is stupendous. Astronomically Jupiter is the saviour of the world because Jupiter by his magnetic pull helps other planets to go near him and therefore avoid the Sun who will blast and burn the planet out. Astrologically Jupiter is the saviour of the world. At least in this particular case astronomy and astrology do have something in common. I do not claim that astrology is a science. I don’t know how and why but in actual life more often than not astrology works. I will only end with one example. On 29th March, 2012 Narendra Modi, then the Chief Minister of Gujarat released my book 2012 End of the World. How and why I do not know but I uttered a formula for Narendra. It was TFCD. T means tearing away all opposition, F means firing them off, C means cleansing them away, D means their doom and dismay and despair and death. Well it seems in a manner of speaking Narendra has just done that. One more example. My father Jehangirji was the weaving master of seven mills in Ahmedabad, then the Manchester of India. Nobody else in the entire history of India has ever been the superintendent of the weaving department of seven mills. But my father and I did not see eye to eye because he was rough and tough. But once he told me, “Son believe it or not the moment my car enters the compound of the mills I do know what is wrong with it”. Who knows I might have inherited his intuition and insight. My prediction for the future is we are now in the Aquarian age. The cut – off year for the whole world is 2021 or so. Science will marry technology, robots will have human qualities, we will have to go to other planets for survival and eventually the death of our planet will be by asteroids crashing away on earth. I admit I could be hopelessly wrong. My last words are laughter is the final defiance of men against the onslaughts of life itself. It is also our badge of honour.