Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

October 26 – November 1, 2020

By Vedic Astrologer Nastur Bejan Daruwalla

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Aries: Peace and calm now descend on you and yours. It had to come. There was nothing left for Ganesha to give you, and He had a mind to be generous. Work, strife, confrontations are all handled with this new mind – set and nothing can upset you. Success comes to you no matter what you turn to. A truly enviable state of being, and richly deserved. Once again, what more can I add?

Taurus: “All people matter to you now,” as Kipling said – and highly. Family, children, loved ones, spouse / partner, parents, in – laws, extended family, neighbours, colleagues – receive help, love, support in your new, caring avatar. New ventures, projects, proposals, partnerships (fine P’s, all of them) take off smoothly and existing ones are revamped or speeded up, In turn, you yourself feel cherished, loved, cared for, as never before.

Gemini: Power and glory, not only from your inner strengths, but in this material world we live in – from money! And this trend will last through the year and spill over into this period as well. Joint – funds, loans, capital, trusts, family income, even domestic expenses – you attend to all and seek to improve and enhance them. Likewise, leases, legal matters and issues. If you are to reckon the profits, accruals, benefits, they are emotional as well as financial. Greater contentment, great spirituality, too.

Cancer: Contacts, communications, reaching out by all possible means and media – that’s the theme now. Opportunities for travel, too, in this theme, naturally. If you work in the arts, the media, in publicity related fields, you now excel at what you’re doing, and gain well – deserved plaudits, glory recognition. Ganesha’s generosity knows no bounds, does it?

Leo: It’s back to money matters once again. You really need to swing back and forth, coping with the cornucopia of plenty that Ganesha sends you! And that means hard work, but you’re not shy of that. Stocks, shares, mutual and marital funds, profits, capital formation – the possibilities are endless. So also, almost the rewards that come your way thick and fast. Esteem, respect, social standing and status, above all, your own greatly enhanced self – image. But some caution will be necessary, too.

Virgo: Once again, hard work and matching rewards. So, says Ganesha, you really have no cause to complain. Exciting possibilities, equally exciting success in your ventures. Once again, though, Ganesha advises caution, restraint, care in negotiations. Don’t make rash or hasty commitments or investments. Read the fine print, study the hidden clauses. You may be riding the crest of a wave, but you have to ensure you don’t come crashing down.

Libra: Accomplishments, targets, achievements, success by whatever name you choose to call it. And lots of possessions, acquisitions, luxuries, assets that are objects of beauty as well as wise investments. The rewards come in all shapes, sizes, hues and textures. The details I can only leave to your imagination, and your individual horoscope. All I can say is, you’ve worked hard for them.

Scorpio: Glory, growth, and of course, Ganesha. Nothing could be more awesome in splendour than these great G’s. Your cup of happiness, fulfilment, joy, truly, runneth over, as it says in the Bible. Truly, the Good Book has it all in terms of expression. At least for you, Scorpios, as you stand on the threshold of this period.

Sagittarius: The vital role that relationships and good communication play will be very obvious to you now. Interactions in the family circle with friends, and also with colleagues and superiors may see a few clashes/stand-offs, though they are cordial and pleasant for the most part. Travel, for work/interviews/inspection of sites or locations, too, adds Ganesha. Also, a desire to enhance your skills/expertise/knowledge, acquire greater learning both as an asset and for the sheer joy and satisfaction of it!

Capricorn:-Targets and goals are what you will be focussed on, in a very big way, as you go into over- drive in the work scenario. Some really hard work is foretold – it may be linked to a new or changed job, a promotion, or even a more profitable line of work. Property and home issues, too, along with loans, funds, enhancement of these two, and your other assets, on the financial scene, all come together to keep you busy indeed. I can foresee your determination and dedication!

Aquarius:- In your own birth sign, you surge ahead in the 2 D’s I’ve mentioned last period, along with the 3 D’s of demands – that you make on yourself, and those that others make on you, so that you are more than ever aware of the need to earn more, to provide more, to invest more. The material plane is the all- important one now, and you gear up to face the challenges head-on, in true your sign bull-like fashion, says Ganesha.

Pisces:- The kind of flat-out slogging you’ve embarked on since the new moon phase is difficult to sustain indefinitely, so you decide to relax, have a bit of fun. It’s not complacency but a sense of satisfaction that work is going very smoothly – and it’s going your way. Love and romance, parties, the social circuit, all these and leisure pursuits/hobbies/recreation, too, acquire a touch of glamour and glitz. To round it all off, Ganesha’s luck at wins, windfalls, legacies, clever investments, too, comes your way.

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