Shree Ganeshaya Namah

              Weekly Horoscope

              October 5 – October 11, 2020

       By Vedic Astrologer Nastur Bejan Daruwalla

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Aries: Ganesha says you rod the crest of achievements and glory and now your attention shifts to the needs of the family. Children will bring happiness and parents, in-laws, extended family, siblings call
for your time. You also retreat from the cares of the world into your private shell. It could be a farm house, country home or even a quiet corner of seclusion. But you need to get away and be by yourself. You need to think things over as they have all been moving as fast as a Hollywood thriller.

Taurus: You make big purchases and fill your office and home with works of art. You feel like doing up your place tastefully and that costs money which you don’t mind spending. You have new perspectives to life and are faced with a string of possibilities. You have many options and worry which to choose from; this is, of course, a good problem to have. Exert caution against overindulgence and try to maintain a sense of proportion, and balance.

Gemini: You need to make strong decisions and steer the boat in the right direction. You are energised and enthused to steer full steam direction. You achieve a lot and are single-minded and focused. The
results are spectacular. You win applause and grow in several ways. There will also be happy times with friends and family. You should, once again, watch your temperament closely. Try not to slip into your
dark moods.

Cancer: There is substantial growth in the last period. You have reached a point in your life and in your career where what you say is of consequence and you are listened to with care. Your innovative schemes and ideas win many admirers and you also make money. There are meetings, collaborations and all types of expenses too. You spend time with the family and there may be minor hospital expenses. But, once again, luck is on your side and all is well that ends well.

Leo: This is a formidable phase in which you push ahead hard and true. You are all fired up to make inroads and are greeted with success in all your activities. You spend on luxuries like there was no tomorrow; home and wardrobe renovation take a lot of your time. You also make sensible investments and may buy property. There is money to be made on the markets too. It will be in your interest if you can guard against overindulgence in this period.

Virgo: The bull – run in your life continues. There are new associations and, possibly, steaming sex. It may not last but will be well worth it while it does. You spend large sums on the object of your affections and, for a while at least, lose all balance and sense of direction. You throw caution to the winds and immerse yourself in your pet indulgence. Money and emotions remain in sharp focus this period and you also move up the ladder of success and fame.

Libra: There are many possibilities now but it also depends on how you tweak them. This period is full of hope and promise. There may be an end to your struggles and mental confusion or they will just increase and blow up in your face. It depends on you in many and be healthy and more productive or get into needless emotional and psychic dilemmas and drown in their turbid waters.

Scorpio: Luckily, you are brought back to the real world just in time.Several domestic and work pressures mount and you are pressed to solve them and sort out your affairs. You will have to deal with finance, settlements and legal matters. You have the necessary negotiating skills but all this is a waste of time and a detour from what you really want to do which is to ideate. There are expenses and pressures
of all types and you are pushed to find answers.

Sagittarius: You continue on the practical plank and settle down to working hard. There are a lot of finer details that need your attention both at home and at work and there is no time for fanciful thinking. There are appraisals at work and several key decisions to be taken if self-employed. This is a valuable time and you can’t squander it. Monies will have to be looked into, children’s schooling, parents’ and spouse’s medical issues and several such matters hog your time and attention.

Capricorn: You will be relating better to people and will be making several long-term plans. There are indications of travel, and conferences, gathering and conventions to attend. All this will go a long way in bolstering your career. You meet up with associates and party. There is the danger of spiralling expenses and some ill-health too. You may get into arguments, altercations and unnecessary disagreements and could lose your temper and say things you would be better off not saying.

Aquarius: In many ways, this can be a beautiful period. There will be better health, better prospects and better income, and you will cool off and not enter unnecessary argumentation. There is a lot of entertainment on your plate including a dash or romance. You are in love with love and so any person or thing that suits the mood will become the object of your affections. You will pass through moments of heightened emotions and this can be very beautiful if you dare to share it with someone close.

Pisces: You decide  to take the family out and have some truly wonderful moments. If intellectually inclined, you do exceptionally well. There will be several visitors and some even from overseas. So a lot of your time will be spend socialising and travelling to tourist spots. Creative pursuits will be highlighted. It is a happy period with no particular accomplishment or achievement but nothing, also, to
complain about.

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