Weekly Astrology Horoscope forNovember 9 - November 15, 2020 !!

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

November 9 – November 15, 2020

By Vedic Astrologer Nastur Bejan Daruwalla

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Aries: Ganesha says let me start with a quote that is relevant in this context. ‘We cannot solve all our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,’ said Albert Einstein. You have created several problems for yourself by thinking in circles. Now you are trying to get out of the spot with the same reasoning. It won’t work. You will have to reinvent yourself and look for out-of-the-box

Taurus: You realize that you have to get down to the hard slog, and this period grounds you. You have the knowledge. Now you tweak it with some imagination and get about solving your problems. There is money to be made, and work calls. There is a lot pending, and deadlines loom large. There are altercations, temper tantrums and mood swings. But you get through all the mundane challenges of life and strike it rich. Ganesha holds your hand.

Gemini: There is fire in your belly with the force pushing you. You are a different person now. You see a goal and you go all out to get there. You realize this and there is no stopping you. You bushwhack the opposition and steam ahead like an Indian locomotive from the Perambur coach factory. There are ego drives, passions, and hard work. You impress with your drive, determination and daredevilry. Ganesha is

Cancer: You started in a torpor, undid all the rust around you, and then screeched ahead of the opposition. You had a late start, but then caught up with the opposition and left them behind by a distance. You scorch the tarmac and end up trumps. You follow the advice of Steve Jobs in an address to Stanford University: ‘Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Leo: You are moving powerfully ahead, and secretly too. You have a point to prove and nothing will stop
you. You take short cuts and may be tempted to use unethical methods to get to your goals. You believe that the end justifies the means. There could be brushes with the law and unwarranted altercations. Passions touch raw heights. There could be several dalliances of the flesh and the heart.

Virgo: This is a trying period. You come up against several roadblocks and challenges. You widen your
social circle and meet up with people you would not normally associate with in the everyday run of life.
There are maudlin moments too, and you take a back seat and watch the world go by. Your go searching for a guru, look for salvation in mantra, tantra and yantra and spend time in old-age homes or looking after street children or even stray animals.

Libra: You are steadfast, and zooming ahead. You like the fragrance of greenbacks and succumb to its lure. There are money and honey, awards and accolades. Those in jobs get promotions and new perks.
Freelancers widen their base. There is success and you are pleased. You prepare a nest egg for the family. There is also new love. Those in committed relationships bond ethereally. Singles play the field.
Ganesha watches.

Scorpio: You are on steady ground and power away. You are like a batsman in the slog overs of the IPL simply feasting on the bowling, even if it is the best attach in the world. On the work front, you go
through all details and job descriptions with a magnifying glass. You cannot be conned. In cricketing terms, you cannot be stumped. Family life is steady and children bring joy. You have found firm ground
and do your best to hold on to it. Ganesha is happy.

Sagittarius: You are turbo-charged and powering away. There is fire in your belly. There could be international travel. You make money but also spend it with consummate ease. There are several affairs of the heart but you are simply unable to hold on to one, for a variety of reasons. You know that you have the same number of hours per day that Leonardo da Vince, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein and others who made a success of their lives had.

Capricorn: ‘Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self-control to be
understanding and forgiving,’ said Dale Carnegie. You are in an emotional phase. You take to the arts, take time off and visit art galleries, amusement parks, or go for a long walk through the woods. You want to get away from it all and come back refreshed and rejuvenated. The rat race is getting to you.

Aquarius: Your mind is everywhere. It doesn’t lodge itself in one house; it occupies them all. You could be networking furiously. You ensure that there are food and fire for the mind, but, I am afraid, in the mood you are in, the body may be neglected. There are maudlin moments and you may escape in indulgences. Money slips through your fingers, along with old friendships. New vistas open up and you are reinvented.

Pisces: Your mind is still the knave. It is the joker in the pack of cards. It is a drunken monkey short-
circuiting your best intentions. Often, the influences of period can spill over to the next. Your mind wanders like a puppy that has lost its leash. You are in the swamp, neck-deep in the boggy mud. Faced with unfamiliar terrain, you get into a shell like a crab and retreat into your inner world. Money continues to slip through your hands as your inner turbulence drives you nuts. Ganesha holds your hand.

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