Weekly Astrology Horoscope for November 2 - November 8, 2020 !!

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

November 2 – November 8, 2020

By Vedic Astrologer Nastur Bejan Daruwalla

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Aries: Ganesha says there are different commitments of all kinds confronting you now. Work and family will demand not only hard work and effort, but also investments and outlays in finance and time. You will have to cope with several demands made on you. There could also be an illness in the family, and elders and children will need particular attention. A parent or in-law may need to be hospitalised. You will also have to go slow and look for time to recuperate from the hectic periods of the recent past.

Taurus: Ganesha says that you have a busy time ahead, both professionally and emotionally. But you are determined to enjoy it. There could also be journeys, legal issues, and dealings at law courts, even some settlements and compromises. You will be in the midst of negotiations of all kinds. There will be sharing, togetherness, bonding, warmth, love, true accord and harmony.

Gemini: The earth element now balances your fiery temperament and grounds it. You have evolved, developed a vision of the future, worked hard and made all possible efforts to convert your dreams and hopes into reality. There are many possibilities that you will explore. Of course, finance remains a central theme and there will be much buying and selling, signing of lease documents, contracts, instruments of negotiation, promissory notes etc.

Cancer: You have been striving hard for a long time to achieve all this and now success, happiness and all the goodies of life are firmly in your grasp. This is also a great time for love, adds Ganesha. There will be passion and several intimate moments. This is also a time for consolidation. Finances will keep you busy. The focus will be on property, acquisitions, possessions, buying and selling, stocks, reality, inheritances, wills and so on.

Leo: There will be genuine gains as you also plan carefully for the future. It is important in this phase to
protect your interests, not to get unethical in your dealings and to prevent others from riding roughshod over your principles. There will be new love too and you could get waylaid. The domestic scene also demands your time and attention. Ganesha asks you to take special care not to be pressurised and exploited. There is urgent need for peace and harmony and you should work towards that.

Virgo: There will be business issues, acquisitions, capital, funds and other fiscal issues taking up your
time. This is also a good time to launch a project, finish pending work, take on new assignments. Lending / borrowing / investing / buying / selling / shopping will continue to be very important. You continue on the fast track of progress. You feel good about yourself as you follow your heart and your true inclinations. 

Libra: Moonlight and roses, love and storybook romance, leisure and pleasure, fun times and children are what this period has in store for you. There is also more money and great luck in dealing with funds and investments. You are ready to take risks but do not treat truelove with disdain. You are on a high and will have many affairs of the heart. In the process, do not look down on someone who truly loves you. You have both, the resources and the chutzpah to make a success of whatever you take on.

Scorpio: Ganesha asks you to guard against causing disappointment to a loved one, resentment or impatience with others, and inconsideration in your dealings. You expect too much from friends and colleagues and that can mean trouble. You will have to meet others half way. There is also great danger in breaking hearts as we all know how a woman who has been scorned is! You can look forward to happy
times, says Ganesha

Sagittarius: In this intense period, there is genuine love, romance and laughter, fun and frolic, the social whirligig, and many bouts of profound happiness. There is respite, relaxation, excitement and glamour and you will revel in it. Your burdens will seem to have fallen away. It will also reflect happily on both your family life and personal interactions. You are now able to enjoy life, laughter, love, the good times. You bond powerfully with loved ones and there will be an addition to the family or a marriage or

Capricorn: You are happy and turn to prayer, spirituality or meditation. You are drawn to the contemplative life, thinking and looking within, the merging of the lower and higher selves. But there are also mounting expenses and other domestic issues to deal with. But you tide over all the roadblocks with Ganesha’s help. You are well equipped to handle life and turn to the spiritual self for answers. It is a unique phase when material and spiritual progress will be linked.

Aquarius: There is a significant period and you will reap the whirlwind in the days to come. Ganesha blesses you. There are also wonderful moments spent with loved ones. You are moving in many directions and not all of them are right. This could be a taxing, tiring, demanding time of highs and lows. While there is a probable wish-fulfilment, there is also much anxiety. There will be a lot of work along with a fair amount of socialising. Family life will be good but you may not have much time for the home.

Pisces: There will be international travel and those in the media, in particular, will do well. This will be a busy and demanding period with many pleasant moves and a lot of pleasure. You make contact with old friends and there will be many happy reunions. Life is good as you savour the golden moments. Ganesha is happy. You will be busy tending to an ailing relative. The family will be the centre of attention in every way.

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