Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio Today

22 January 2021

Positive: An entirely new and different work opportunity will open up for you which will bring a lot of fortune in the near future itself. You need to think out of the box as well as go the extra mile to reap maximum benefits from this opportunity.

Negative: Work life might be very tremendous today. You will feel quite satisfied as you have made more than enough profit in your business and your current work will keep you occupied. 

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number:  22

Love: You will be annoyed with the lack of attention and support you are getting from your partner. Your love life will feel very well earlier today but as the day goes by you and your partner are likely to progress.


Business: You love your business very much hence you will like to work under deadlines and pressures today. Your passion about your business speaks volumes to you, You are always fearless and inspiring. You will do well in areas that are in finances and machinery today.

Health: Things will be much better for you on the health aspect if you can stay calm and keep your mind tension free. The root cause of most of the health issues is stress today. You can do this by engaging yourself in some productive work to keep account of what and how much you are feeding your body as there are chances that you’re getting overweight.